Wednesday, 2 September 2015

2nd September 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Square

2nd September 1935

My Darling,

It was nice to see you for lunch.  It refreshed me for the afternoon and evening, and I needed it because I worked till ten to nine.

I believe that in your first letter you had better just ask how much there is to pay on the camera and exposure meter, but the letter must pave the way for our (or at least, my) action in case the answer is that it is too much for me.

Say that you are writing to ask how much you have to pay on the camera & ex. m. mentioned on the attached form.  The camera was a present to you (or say "to your mother" if you like) and you don't know how much it cost.  The E.M. belongs to a friend of yours, as you mentioned at the time, and was a present to him from a German friend.

Don't forget, get in all those points, and nothing else.  At least you can put in anything more about the camera that you like, but not about the E.M.

I have just found the projector here on my arrival.

Did you get a nice hat?

I do hope you have a good time.  I'll write and tell Paul you're coming.

I must stop now; it is 11.15 & I'll miss the post.  I went from the Office tonight straight to my meeting.

Goodbye, dear heart.


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