Saturday, 26 March 2016

26th March 1936 - Postcard from Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School
Richmond Hill

March 26th

Very many happy returns for always - 

Don't get up too early - will you?

Mary Pleasant  xxx

Friday, 25 March 2016

25th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Dearest Dear, 

Absolutely up to my eyes in everything, as it's our "Open Day".  We had quite a number of people round this morning - and even more this afternoon - So I've had to phone Mummy to say I can't go home to tea as I said I would - because I'm needed here.  I haven't had anybody in to my lessons yet, because Wednesday I don't take many.  But Patricia had heaps!  It's all very amusing - but we shall be dead after the parents meeting this evening.  Grannie is coming in tomorrow & Mummy may too.  We met her on Monday - looking most blooming and brown - having had a wonderful time - & feeling much better.  She received a very nice letter from Ren. but didn't get yours, or some from Jack.  She has asked Ren. & you down for weekend - as we're having a tea-party on Sunday afternoon - So when you get back will you remind Ren. he's coming, as I don't know his number - he's expected on Sat. afternoon.  I told him to expect you & me to supper - as we were going to the Ideal Home Exhibition.  She has taken some cinĂ© films - so I hope they'll be ready by next weekend.  The projector is at home, isn't it?

I'm longing for Friday - what do you want to see most?  Because as it's your birthday you'll have to choose.  - There's "Things to Come", "Modern Times" or "M'liss" at the Curzon (which I don't know anything about.) - or there may be something else - I don't care what we see.

I've been happier about you all this week than I've ever been before in my life - Love is usually so wonderful because it makes you so miserable - and you worry such a lot  - and can't settle to anything.  But the weekend was so perfect - especially Sunday, from Shepperton Station onwards (not forgetting my welsh-rarebit!) that it seems as if everything has gone right all this week.  It's a very peaceful feeling - and much, much nicer than any other ind of "love" I've every had.  I'm quite and perfectly happy - and i hope it'll go on for a long, long time - But I know the other kind will have to come back one day.

Shall I come to the office on Friday at 5.45? - Mummy hasn't given me my money yet - so would you mind waiting for your best present until next week?  Because I'll give you just the cinema & something to eat on Friday.  I'm sorry I can't manage both.

Oh - darling, I love you so much and so well - How is Manchester?

- Perhaps you could ring me between 6-7 on Thursday - or any time on Friday? - just so I know you've got back safely.

- All my love

Mary   xxx

Sunday, 20 March 2016

20th March 1936 - Postcard from Mary to Terrick

Have just phoned, but you are out.  Grannie wants to know if you can come to Joan's party tomorrow at 7 - Philip can't come - but Helen is coming - & Andy - & Jill.  We could take you back from London Rowing Club.

Mummy arrives Euston 5.30 on Monday!! - So feel I must help Jack & Jill at Dunally on Sunday - but could be up with you in time for meeting.

Would you ring me or Grannie in the morning?

Love Mary  xxx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

19th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick



- Darling - I don't know whether you can possibly keep your eyes open long enough to read this - but I had to write something to ease me a bit inside - (there's no need to let your wrath at my stupidity rise within you again because it's all over now anyway) - I'm very sorry about it - much more sorry for myself than for you because I quite see I was mostly to blame - even if the rest of it was misunderstanding - but I honestly felt most self-sacrificial as I did it (and you generally find being that makes things go wrong).

Did you have a nice time? - I expect so - don't forget to tell me all about it - But I wish you could just tell me too that it turned out a bit of a help in the saving line through my not going? - Because it would make up tremendously for what I'm feeling at the moment!

Are there ever times when you could definitely say you didn't love me? - because it nearly lays me out sometimes when you suddenly say you've been furious with me all the afternoon - & I didn't now anything about it.  (It's not so bad when I've got a guilty conscience!)  All through today you keep on coming into everything - and I thought "He's probably been getting crosser & crosser all day - & telling other people I've let him down - and thinking he will never trust me again" - Gosh  I don't think a man could ever worry quite so much over little things - But I hurt myself over you hundreds & hundreds of times when you're not there - when just 5 minutes of talking to you would put me on top of everything again.

I'd rather go to Putney by myself on Saturday I think - because it'll only be so short & I shouldn't be able to talk to you - But could I come up on Sunday morning - & go for a walk in the afternoon - & to the meeting in the evening?  - But it doesn't matter - I could just as easily go to Dunally if you'd rather meet me on Saturday.

I got home beautifully quickly last night & was in bed by 11.40! (with cream on my face as well!)

I'll read you anything you like if you let me come on Sunday - & bring all the "mental companionship" I possess with me, as well!

- I feel so miserable at the moment, that you've loomed up in front of me quite observing the rest of heaven & earth - not the "you" I love of the bustly chin - but the "you" I make up for myself specially to vent my despicable "self pity" on - Please love me - darling.

Mary P.   xxx

Thursday, 17 March 2016

17th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick

The Old Vicarage School

March 17th

Dear Ticky

It was horrible leaving you on Sunday evening - and I'm so glad it's tomorrow I'm seeing you , and not as far away as Thursday.  I suppose it is a bit silly of us to break out into an 8/6 dance with etcs - when we should both enjoy supper together and a 2/6 picture quite as much - or even more - and it would have been much too late for me to have been able to teach adequately on Friday morning.

I have written to the Albert Hall to know if I can have an interview tomorrow afternoon - but the notice may be too short. 

I had a letter from Mummy yesterday saying she will be home on the 24th or 25th - next week!! - so it puts quite a different light on my weekends! - Only one more.  She seems to be having a wonderful time there - something planned for every day.  She has taken a lot of ordinary photographs - but can't buy any cinĂ© ones - frightfully disappointing.  But a man she met thought he had some which he would post to her - so she may have managed to take some.

Next Saturday evening I've got to go to Joan's birthday party - curse it - and I said I'd try and see Jack now in the Head of the River race at Putney in the afternoon - would you like to come too? - or will you be busy?

- Have you seen Paul yet about going to dinner with him? - I wish we could arrange it for next Sunday - because I shall have to be at home on the one after  (which was the one I suggested).  Couldn't you ask him? (or would it be rude?).

- I'm sorry this is so questiony - but I haven't got any news - and I've got a spotty face and am going to bed early.

- If I'm not at the office by 5.45 tomorrow I'll be at Nevern Place. - Be thinking about what you want for a birthday present.

All my love for always

Mary Pleasant     xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

13th March 1936 - Letter to Terrick from his father



March 13th 1936

My dear Terrick

I have been too busy to write before.  We were naturally interested to hear that you are announcing your engagement to Mary.  Well you ought to know your own mind by now I admit and she seems to be a very nice girl as far as we know her.  I do doubt the wisdom of long engagements as as there is no prospect of your being able to marry for a long time why tie yourselves up irrevocably.  You may both or one of you change your mind and an engagement is a difficult thing to break.  I know of a couple that have been engaged for twelve years who show no signs of getting married though they could do so perfectly well now, but, I think are just afraid to break the engagement for fear that the other one will sue for breach of promise.  So both their lives are being ruined.  However it is not my business, you are of age and it is your life not mine:  I only give you the benefit of my experience which is that if marriage is not  in view within at least a couple of years then an announced engagement is a mistake.  Good luck to you both.

Your affectionate father

Victor C A FitzHugh

Thursday, 10 March 2016

10th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick


My dearest dear - I hope you get this safely, so that you're not disappointed when (perhaps!) you ring me upon Tuesday and find I'm not in.  You see Mrs Sunley has invited me to go down with them to Cambridge to the A.D.C. Theatre to see "Julius Caesar" (with dinner at "The Union") - so it seems too good to miss.

How did Bristol go?  I'm longing to hear all the news - and, darling, I'm so sorry I didn't get my bedside Book out for you - but when you said it would be nice to read in the train I didn't realize you meant on your long train journey - of course I could have got it out for you, I'm so sorry.

Today I phoned Mr Bernays who was in a great hurry & told me he had a christening next Sat. & would probably have the mattins man to lunch on Sat - so I said I was afraid I should be far too much of a responsibility if I stayed the night - so could you & I come down to tea on Sunday instead - He said "just jot down what you're going to do on a p.c. and let me know".  So I think it's best left at that.  But that means Saturday's free - so we could still go to Paul's to dinner if you let him know - or I was wondering if perhaps you could tell Aunt Mildred Mr Bernays has an engagement and can't have me until Sunday - so could I go to her - as I've nowhere else to go? (Or can't you do things like that in your family?) - But it would be lovely because I could probably get Sat. morning off - & we could leave after lunch on Sun together for Finchley. (I'm sure Aunt Mildred wouldn't mind your asking if you explained!)

Had a p.c. from Ren. saying he can't come on Wed. as he's going to song recital with D. Cowan or somebody - but it was funny yesterday when I arrived at Richmond station at 10.50p.m. - who should I run into but "Enid" - with tall handsome lad leading her by the arm into the train - apparently going home - she didn't recognise me - but by the angle of her hat & general bearing - I should say poor old Ren. hasn't much of a chance!  wasn't it a coincidence! I wonder if she told him about it!

Must stop as have promised to do an hour's work with Miss X.

Have a nice time at Leeds!

(Perhaps you could just write me two lines now?  Or phone me just before one on Wednesday?) - But it doesn't really matter.

I love you so much - & Sunday & Saturday were wonderful - let me know about Paul - or Aunt Mildred.

All my love


10th March 1936 - letter to Terrick from his Mother

Dearest Terrick

As you do not mention Lord W. I suppose he has not written.  Perhaps he will wait till Easter.  Extraordinary that you should meet Nancy Capes & that a nice respectable girl should be in that garb.  What are the Western Brothers like to speak to?  How much does the Albert Hall cost for one night?  The mystery packet from Eileen came & contained Herbert's old collars which she wants me to replace at Baker's!  I don't call them old, only one is slightly worn where the back stud is but the tops where ?? all go are perfect.  News in the papers seems very serious.  Hitler must always do something spectacular to live up to his position.  Wasn't the King wonderful going to all these slums in Glasgow which is full of Communists & not a policeman in sight in all the pictures.  I thought it was funny where he found 2 women playing ludo!  Now we know how they amuse themselves in the slums!  Renny say "Princess Charming" and thought it good!!  I see that Victor McLaglan has got the gold statuette for the best acting of the year in the "Informer".  I see you are talking of being engaged soon.  Doesn't it seem rather ridiculous when you were unable to furnish one room or get a good suit of clothes for yourself.  Aunt M. & Eileen have always encouraged you but neither would help you to get a job or give you money.

Would you want to dedicate your life to poverty & semi-starvation and a one roomed flat?  You ought to know by this time how hard it is to get a decent job & make money.  Why do you go about so much together.  Have you a man friend?  We have always begged you not to see so much of each other.

I implored Eileen not to marry Herbert & I am sure she is sorry now.  Herbert is a washout & the in-laws make her life a burden & she has a craving for everything English & she was in such a temper all the time she was here that I can't say she looked happy.  This fireplace she insists on putting in will be a dreadful failure!  I suppose that is the lot of parents to see their children making deplorable mistakes.  Yarborough says we shall lose £200 a year if the Bill passes. My heart has been rather dicky these last days.  This dreadful cook tries me.  My old cook is coming for one month to help me.  I feel I shall never find one again.

Your loving 


Sunday, 6 March 2016

6th March 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

6th March 1936


Quarter to eleven.  I have just got back and have had a wash.  Here is your ticket.  I have got to send Paul his so I can't write any more.  I want to have a bath and get to bed.

All my love, all my heart.


What about asking Bodil to the Reunion? If you think it worth it ring me at the Albert Hall any time tomorrow.  She could call for her ticket a the door.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

3rd March 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Thank you for letter.

Would phone but remembered class.

Will be with you tomorrow at 6.30 unless I hear from you - If you think you'll have to work until after 8.30 again, would you rather I didn't come up?

MISS Hastings }  send their
Matron            }   love

Miss Olsson     } Doesn't (she will send you your face flannel)

Wouldn't write a letter because I am so busy! (Miss O. says this is a "gross lie") But I've lost my pen - & only saw you on Sunday - 

- But I'll send you the usual on three Conte-Paterson vans!


Mary P.    xxx

2nd March 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place                  Bodil's number is Paddington 0347

2nd March 1936

My Own Mary Pleasant, 

It is 11.05.  For about ¾ of an hour I have been writing to your mother.  I only left the Office at ten to nine.  So I am afraid that this letter can't be very long if you are to get it tomorrow morning.  

At lunch time I was waiting for Alec Smith outside Flemings, when who should go past but Bodil!  She got back from Garmisch two days ago, after going to Berlin and seeing Eileen and Herbert there.  She can meet us on Sunday afternoon but the question is where? and what shall we do.  for once I miss the English-speaking Union.  Can you suggest another day?  Wednesday is no good for her.

I have told your mother that if she takes several films of Jamaica we will edit them into one and get her to record a running commentary onto a record.  Selfridges do it for 2/6 at time.  As long as she doesn't refer too closely to the picture the slight variations in timing that will sometimes occur between the film and the record will not matter.  Can't you see it bringing the house down at parties?

I am engineering to reserve a third of a box for you, Paul and Brenda and perhaps a partner for you.  Rutland, Wild and I (the Reunion Dept) have had all the work and I think we should have the first choice of any seats that are going.  Of course if all the other boxes are sold and there is demand for another I can't turn away money from the firm.  Anyhow I have bought a ticket for you in the stalls which you can use if the worst comes to the worst.  

Mr Ashe saw the place on my lip and said I had a cold.  I mustn't be laid up for the Reunion so I was to go out and get Glegg's something or other and Armstrong's Influenza mixture.  The first I must stick up my nose every two hours till the Reunion and the second I must take ever three hours!  He is an ass.  I have bought Armstrong's mixture, but I can't get the other.

Darling, I must stop now.  And I have not had time to say, except between the lines, how much I love you.  I love you more than anyone in the word.

Yours Terrick