Thursday, 10 March 2016

10th March 1936 - letter to Terrick from his Mother

Dearest Terrick

As you do not mention Lord W. I suppose he has not written.  Perhaps he will wait till Easter.  Extraordinary that you should meet Nancy Capes & that a nice respectable girl should be in that garb.  What are the Western Brothers like to speak to?  How much does the Albert Hall cost for one night?  The mystery packet from Eileen came & contained Herbert's old collars which she wants me to replace at Baker's!  I don't call them old, only one is slightly worn where the back stud is but the tops where ?? all go are perfect.  News in the papers seems very serious.  Hitler must always do something spectacular to live up to his position.  Wasn't the King wonderful going to all these slums in Glasgow which is full of Communists & not a policeman in sight in all the pictures.  I thought it was funny where he found 2 women playing ludo!  Now we know how they amuse themselves in the slums!  Renny say "Princess Charming" and thought it good!!  I see that Victor McLaglan has got the gold statuette for the best acting of the year in the "Informer".  I see you are talking of being engaged soon.  Doesn't it seem rather ridiculous when you were unable to furnish one room or get a good suit of clothes for yourself.  Aunt M. & Eileen have always encouraged you but neither would help you to get a job or give you money.

Would you want to dedicate your life to poverty & semi-starvation and a one roomed flat?  You ought to know by this time how hard it is to get a decent job & make money.  Why do you go about so much together.  Have you a man friend?  We have always begged you not to see so much of each other.

I implored Eileen not to marry Herbert & I am sure she is sorry now.  Herbert is a washout & the in-laws make her life a burden & she has a craving for everything English & she was in such a temper all the time she was here that I can't say she looked happy.  This fireplace she insists on putting in will be a dreadful failure!  I suppose that is the lot of parents to see their children making deplorable mistakes.  Yarborough says we shall lose £200 a year if the Bill passes. My heart has been rather dicky these last days.  This dreadful cook tries me.  My old cook is coming for one month to help me.  I feel I shall never find one again.

Your loving 


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