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Dear Representative - 30th September 1932 - Mary to Terrick

Posted 30.09.1932                                                                                          


Christchurch Road
East Sheen
Dear Representative

You really are most excellent at reserving seats on motor-coaches for the fortunate persons who travel Poly.  Norah & I – thoroughly annoyed with everybody and everything on a rainy Saturday evening in Glasgow, (both longing to be back at Fort William) found ourselves dumped somewhere in the middle of the coach – no room for our feet- an eleven months old baby chewing bananas furiously behind – and eight stalwart Glasgow inhabitants to our right who, regardless of everyone else in the vehicle, brought out a mouth organ and from Hamilton to Gretna sang every song from Annie Laurie to “There was a young lady from ealing…” in the most powerful voices I have ever heard!! – oh – how we both blessed you!! – not of course that you could have altered our company – but I expect just because we were both so fed up with leaving and Glasgow at its worst that we had to vent our feelings on somebody. - & we jolly well did too – in fact you nearly received hectic post-cards from us at each of the six stops!  Anyway we arrived at Victoria in better frames of minds (the plural sounds a bit silly) & haven’t ceased telling people how wonderful you were ever since – so now I’ll start properly:-

Dear Fitz

Enclosed you may find (if I don’t forget them) the photographs – which appear better on perusal the second time.  A few of them didn’t come out because the light was too bad.  Don’t you love the one of you on the rock - & you & Norah at the top of the mountain!!  I spent last night with Norah specially to go through them – we had a glorious time remembering every little bit of things we did - & of course most of it was always “& Fitz this” “& Fitz that” – you really did give us a topping time - & we can never thank you enough for it!  At the moment of course we’ve both sworn to find out where they’ll put you next year, but I expect we shall have forgotten all about it when the time comes!  Anyway, we’re always travelling Poly now!

Please return the snaps when you’ve finished with them, & if you want any prints I’ll get them done for you.  I hope you know where they all are.  I do, most of them.  The best views are two on the hill we climbed opposite F.W & the ones of Loch Duich & Skye.

Well I must stop rambling on – I’m dreadful in letters.  How is the ankle & how many other children have you escorted to the pictures this week? – When you’re in London again will you go with Norah & I  me one day – if it wouldn’t bore you too much? We’d love it.  School is going nicely thank-you – but I wish, so badly, it was this time last week!

-         Norah sends her love

Yours with much love too
Mary Pleasant Ormiston