Saturday, 25 July 2015

25th July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

25th July 1935

My Darling Mary,

Here are your tickets and Registered Marks.  9.75 Rm are mine, or, at any rate, Eileen's.  Renny owes her 10/- & brought it to me after I had taken out my marks so I added them to your lot.  The rate is 19.50 which is not too good.  I got 20.25 a few days before.

This afternoon Ashe burst into the room & said: "Fitz, I'm afraid I'm going to break your girl's heart".  My first thought was: he's going to try & mess my holiday.  Then he said: "Have you got anything on this evening?" which revived my hopes again.  I said "No" and he said: "Then you may have to catch the 7.30 train to Fort William"

Apparently one of the Assistant Reps, the one who was suffering from "Accumulated Superstition", had gone mad.  The doctor said he must be taken home immediately but he was like to do some damage & must not travel alone.  So Mr Ashe was going to see his father in Wimbledon & if he couldn't go to fetch the fellow I was to go!

It would have meant that I should get back here at 7.30 a.m. on Saturday & have three nights out of bed, but it would have been exciting so I said I was oke.  However the G.M. then had another idea.  Apparently Morris, the loony, hadn't been told that he was mad & mustn't be given the idea that he was going home under escort.  This would of course be pretty obvious if some one from H.O. was sent up to come back with him.  So it was eventually decided that if the father didn't go to him, Paul should say that both the assistants had been recalled to London so that the other fellow should be in charge of Morris.  If the other chap refuses to take on the job Paul is to come back with Morris.


When I got back here a note from Renny was served up with my dinner.  In it he had said that Joan had invited him to Penywern Rd this evening but he had refused & invited her to West Cromwell Road saying that he "must be in that evening"  Renny then asked me to ring him up at 8.20.  I did so and the number was engaged.  I got on about ten minutes later & was greeted by Renny with the tone he puts on when speaking to girls.  He held a monologue with appropriate pauses, only interluded - but not interrupted - by jocular remarks from me.

He said he would come round to see me (the girl he was supposed to be talking to) tomorrow, [He is in fact coming round here] but should he dress?  No, not necessary.  but what about Sunday? Yes, he'd love to and it was very sweet of me to invite him.  Did I really want him?  Well, goodbye, dear; he would see me tomorrow.  With protestations of brotherly affection we rang off.  I imagine that in coming down to the phone he had left his door wide open.

I have got toothache, so I shall ring up my dentist first thing in the morning to make an appointment.  I don't want my holiday spoilt by an aching jawbone.

Don't forget to sign your Registered Mark cheques in the top corner as soon as you get them, but not in the bottom corner.

Owing to the difficulty of getting to the place where they dish out the Marks at Cologne with the long queues there, I have to take German Mark pieces with me & sell them to the clients on the train so that they shall have something to tip porters with at Cologne.  As the party for Assmanshausen including you numbers ninety-eight I have two hundred marks on me, all in silver except for 20 Rm.  It is as heavy as stone.  I'll try & get rid of it on the way down to Dover.

Can you get yourself a picnic meal made up?  Last time, you remember, we ate the clients' on the boat, but we shan't have that this year (I hope) & it will be necessary to get something at Ostend Station where it is an absolute fight.  otherwise you'll get nothing to eat from lunch on Saturday till breakfast on Sunday.

I have written and typed out half my Schwaneberg scenario, bit I expect you will be able to give me some good ideas to add to it. 

I must stop now & go out & post this.  I'll put 2½d on it which should be ---------------------------  Phone Bell Rings.  The writer waits for the Second Tinkle and then Rushes Precipitantly from the Room.

As I was saying  2½d should be enough, let me know if you have to pay anything extra.

Goodbye dear till the day after tomorrow at 14.00.

By the timetable, this time in two days (forty-eight hours!) we shall be at Ostend Station waiting for the train to pull out.

By the time you get this it will be only about forty hours.

All my love

Terrick        XXX

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22nd July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

22nd July 1935

My Darling,

Fill this form in (except for "RM" and "Rate") and put it in the post to me at the Poly IMMEDIATELY.

Digby is being a real pal and is trying to wangle an extra pass for me by most irregular methods.  In any case I could stay Thursday night at Zehlendorf if I could catch the train from Berlin on Friday morning at 8.45.  I should then get to London at 7.05a.m. on Saturday - just in time.

I have bought some Meccano pieces and have successfully adapted the tripod to the cine camera.

Tomorrow I'll go for your watch.

I have got my last film: "Good" and "Slightly Under" again.  Heaven knows what their idea of  "Very Much Under" is.  The picture of Inge on the grass looks as though it were taken in the middle of the night.  The rest seems to be very good bar the one where you tell the party to come & bathe.

I may have to go north one day this week to look at halls for the Reunions.

I must stop & go to the post with this.  If you put it in the post immediately - if you can - I may get it the same afternoon.

This time next week --------------!


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Undated (Around 19th) July 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Hope this is all right because I had to get Mummy to supply particulars of passport over phone - you know how much money I've got to change, don't you?  At least I pray you've got the cheque, as Mummy said it was very dangerous to post an uncrossed one. - so you might give me a ring this evening to say all's well.

I tried to phone you at 10.15 last night to tell you I'd posted it & hadn't had time to write with it - but the girl said you must be out.



Thursday, 16 July 2015

16th July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

16th July 1935

My Darling Mary,

Here is your book of instructions.  I spoke about the light flare and the man recommended me to bring the camera back.  will you be seeing your family? & will they be seeing Andrew.  If so he could get it to me some time this week so as to be sure it will be ready by the 27th.

I took the resistance to Selfridge to have the switch unjammed & was told it will take about ten days.

Last night I wrote some more of "Minter's Conscience".  i have now done eight pages.  It is hard to think enthusiastically when it is so hot.

Today I wrote to our Assmanshausen rep & asked him to reserve our rooms & let me know what excursion he would be running that afternoon.

When I came home on Monday I found a picture postcard of the Bastei from Jack waiting for me.  He wrote it on the steamer going up the Rhine & posted it in Andernach.  He had lunch in Cologne at the same place as we all there had it last year.

I wish I had sisters who were married in other parts of the continent.  It would make for variety.  Perhaps Jill will get off with a Rittengentsbisitzer (?) in Spain & then we can go out & stay with her.

It has been lovely weather for the Spithead Review.  A lot of our staff were there.

I have just asked for Aunt Mildred's number to say that Renny & I can dine there on Monday.

My grey suit and my flannel trousers have just come back from the cleaners, so I shall be pretty presentable for our holiday.  Can't you bring Jill's riding togs.  they might come in handy.  Eileen is quite fit now & will probably want her own more than she did last year.

Renny has just come round so I'll stop.  He has brought two of his Darmier Cu (?) photographs.  They are marvellous.  I think I shall go there.

All love

from your
                  Terrick    XXX

Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

10th July 1935

Darling Mary,

Ten past nine - I have just got back form work & shouldn't be back yet if I wasn't afraid of missing Jack who is calling here for his tickets.  It was the same time last night.

Last night I started re-writing "Minter's Conscience", the story I told you about once in the train from Waterloo to Shepperton.  But I was too tired to do much.  I'll go on a bit to-night.  I think it is just the right sort of story for a newspaper.

Unless a special case is made for me tomorrow Germany is off for me.  We have had trouble with our man in Cologne and Ashe has said that if there is no party for Berlin or only a few, the conductor must go with the Assmaushausen clients all the way.  You remember how, last year, I had to see those people onto different trains at Cologne.

So as there is no Berlin party on the 27th and only 4 people on the 3rd August I can't go to Berlin.  However Stonelake is speaking to Ashe about it tomorrow & he may make a special case for me, thought I doubt it as I believe the official announcement of the new rule has already been issued & clients will be expected to be conducted all the way to Assmanshausen.

If I can't go to Schwaneburg I shall either go home or to Fort William, probably home.  Then I'll pay my debts & my income tax and be able to start all square after it.  it is a great disappointment though.

When I got back here on Monday I found waiting for me the letter you wrote me on Friday.  It must have got held up.

Yesterday I had lunch with Inge & Jack at the Cumberland Corner House

Gosh it is hot!

Interval for taking off coat

Do write & tell me all about your county court experiences.  Did you have to swear on the Bible?  And did you leave without a stain on your character - or with an endorsement on your license?

Darling, can you be at the Garrick Theatre to-morrow at about 7 p.m.?  If you can get there before & put two stools do, but I can't see any possibility of my finishing work before 6.45 at the earliest as I have to deal with practically all the "complaints" now.

If you are going to be up in town in the afternoon will you give me a ring & let me know if this is all right for you.

I think I'll stop now & try and get a cold bath before Jack comes - I am sitting here with the "glow" dripping off my forehead - and I want to get some more of "Minter's Conscience" done tonight.

Goodnight, darling & consider yourself kissed.

All my love


Sunday, 5 July 2015

5th July 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Dearest Dear - I'm sorry - I feel I was a bit tactless last night because I seemed to have been having such a wonderful time compared to yours - and it's horribly selfish of me to sound disagreeable about tomorrow & Germany because I forgot, for the moment, to think that my feelings must be very secondary in disappointment to what yours must be.

- Please forget, old thing, how horribly selfish I was - I would have given all my world to rush straight up to Earls Court and make it all right for you.

Darling, don't worry about things, will you?

I do - really I do - understand about Germany - we'll have to hear what Eileen says and then think about it - and I've thought that it's wonderful for me that I'm seeing you at all this weekend - because I usually have to wangle for weeks to get you to come 2 weeks running!

It seems a very long time since I have seen you - and I'm sorry about letters but it really is sometimes imposs.

- But I love you so much tonight that I want to take the world in two hands and laugh at it - it's so silly and futile - and we all run in such small selfish circles - that it's something tremendous to break through outside with someone else to discover wonderful new things.

- I'm so above myself with happiness - dear heart - that you must be too.

- because money needn't mean very much to us just yet - need it? - not while we can be happy like this.

your Mary

Friday, 3 July 2015

3rd July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

3rd July 1935

My Darling Mary,

Sorry I couldn't be at Twickenham this evening.  I only got here at 7.15 so there was no chance of getting a bite to eat and reaching Twickenham before the show as about a quarter over.

You will presumably have seen Inge and heard the latest news: that she is going to the Guildhall with Renny on Friday!  It will be interesting for her as the Duke of Gloucester is going to be there.

This evening Renny came round and we played a game of his called "L'Attaque" that we used to play during the war.  I hear jack has asked Renny down on Sunday, so if any of last Sunday's shots are bad we shall be able to re-take - I suppose the Lingwoods will turn up again.

I have written to Eileen about having us.  I ought to have looked first to see whether there was a party going out to Berlin that weekend, but there is pretty sure to be.

I went to another second-hand photographic shop to-day, Wallace Heaton's of Bond St; they have that 21/- set of lenses for 8/6! I may buy them on my own on Friday.

I retyped the first page of "the Slug" this evening, leaving out "to unburden my heart", also I finished counting the words.  There are 6,383.  I'll send it off tomorrow.  I would re-type the last page and type the title-page tonight, but as soon as I started typing the wretched female who is going up for the exam pushed up her window ostentatiously, so I'll do it as soon as I come in tomorrow.

In about a fortnight's time I shall have to go round the country booking halls for next year's Reunions.  The are starting a month earlier this year, in January instead of February.  I hope I shall have succeeded in getting the job I want by then.

Mr May said he thought he saw you on a bus going to Barkins about a fortnight ago but on looking closer her "found facial differences".

My last dance of the season tomorrow, thank goodness!  Next week I shall start my new short story.  It's a great life, but it'll be considerably greater when I have shaken off the trammels of the Poly and got a job where I can spend all day at the job I like.

I must stop now or I'll miss the post.  Do I need to spend pages telling you in so many words that I love you and how much when if you can read between the lines every sentence I write tells you that I have one thought pervading all others: that I adore you and have in the middle of even my most egoistic ambition the enduring aim of marrying you.

We take each other rather more for granted now, like  baby that has learned to walk forgets the thrill of being able to do it; but a bit of absence or a spot of bother and we immediately find that we need each other. [Generally I only speak for myself when it comes to thoughts; it shows a fair advance for me to talk in the plural].

All my heart and all the love in me wherever it is really situated.

Love Terrick

Do at least half a lesson of German before Saturday.