Sunday, 5 July 2015

5th July 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Dearest Dear - I'm sorry - I feel I was a bit tactless last night because I seemed to have been having such a wonderful time compared to yours - and it's horribly selfish of me to sound disagreeable about tomorrow & Germany because I forgot, for the moment, to think that my feelings must be very secondary in disappointment to what yours must be.

- Please forget, old thing, how horribly selfish I was - I would have given all my world to rush straight up to Earls Court and make it all right for you.

Darling, don't worry about things, will you?

I do - really I do - understand about Germany - we'll have to hear what Eileen says and then think about it - and I've thought that it's wonderful for me that I'm seeing you at all this weekend - because I usually have to wangle for weeks to get you to come 2 weeks running!

It seems a very long time since I have seen you - and I'm sorry about letters but it really is sometimes imposs.

- But I love you so much tonight that I want to take the world in two hands and laugh at it - it's so silly and futile - and we all run in such small selfish circles - that it's something tremendous to break through outside with someone else to discover wonderful new things.

- I'm so above myself with happiness - dear heart - that you must be too.

- because money needn't mean very much to us just yet - need it? - not while we can be happy like this.

your Mary

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