Wednesday, 31 December 2014

31st December 1934 - Mary to Terrick


In middle of Party

- Dearest Dear,

Jill & Hodson are being sardines and the rest of the party are making obscene noises in various parts of the house.  It's going quite well but I should be enjoying it a bit more if you were here.

I got into the same Green Line as Renny coming down and had a nice little chat with him all the way.  He tickles me tremendously - I hear he's going out with Barbara on Saturday!!

How did you get on at Folkestone today?  Crowds of people?

The one thing that's been a beacon light to me this evening is that Renny says Mrs FitzHugh isn't coming till next Monday now.

Will you be able to come down next weekend, then? - Because if you wangled next Saturday morning (owing to Folkestone today) you could stay on from Friday right over and it would be perfect. Oh darling - do try.

The thought has occurred to me that one day my unscrupulous persistency in trying to see you at any possible minute I can will drive you to maniacal desperation and you'll disown me - dear old thing - I'm sorry - but it's very difficult - and I don't really mean to worry you as much as I do, it just comes out before I think.

Tomorrow Hodson is coming down here to change and will take Jill and me up to Earls Court all ready.  We'll be up there about 8.00 - will that be all right?  I haven't any idea what time our thing starts - but we can always while away the time.

Renny wanted some repayment for delivering this but was highly shocked when I suggested a kiss from me - he thought one from Jill would be all right!

- Goodnight darling - the thought of you in "tails" again is too much for me.

All my love

Mary  xxx

P.S. I love you very much

signed MPO