Sunday, 26 June 2016

26th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick


My Very Own Dearest Dear - I am afraid my late nights are beginning to tell - I have had to stifle yawns all today.  Thank you so much for your dear letter - I'm not sure it didn't make me blush - and I'm quite certain it made my heart beat faster!  but I felt a bit selfish all the same keeping you out of bed just to say nice things to me! - & I suppose you've only had a bath bun for lunch today because of the stamp.  So it's really my fault you're so bony!  But I'll make it up to you one day.

It went very well again last night.  Perhaps not quite as well as Wednesday - but the family enjoyed it & we all went in to Grannie's for tea afterwards, which was nice - Miss X too.  The weather looks as if it would do for us tonight - if we do play I shall probably catch double pneumonia on the grass all that time!

Ralph asked if you couldn't join the bathing party from 5-7 tomorrow - but I said I thought it would be too much of a rush for you.  Mummy says Jack is taking the car to a party & will pick us up at 11.p.m. I bet he's late.  I think Andy is coming tonight.

It's very nice of you to cut the meeting on Sunday for me.  Are you sure it's principally correct?   But I suppose it's really only because you simply must go next weekend?

Mummy told me she was going to Aunt M's on Tuesday.

I must stop now & take the children to Rounders.  Thank goodness it's Friday.  Miss X says I must have breakfast in bed tomorrow! Whoopee! Several people have said ours has more life in it that the O.U.D.S. production.  I'm longing to see the paper tomorrow.

All my love, darling - it seems years since I kissed you properly.


Mary Pleasant xxx

Saturday, 25 June 2016

25th June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

25th June 1936

My Darling Mary,

This will be a short letter because I can hardly keep awake, but I have been trying to find time all day to tell you how lovely you looked last night, and how proud I felt to think that at any rate some people in the audience knew that I was the lucky man.

Also I fell in love with you over again, just as I did when I got your photograph. You looked so much more like some ideal creature from a Forest of Arden in the Never-Never Land than Miss Ormiston, Junior School Mistress of the O.V.S., or even than my own darling Mary Pleasant, that I fell in love with you again at first sight.

I really ought to be in town on Sunday for the last day of the District Party Congress and the rally in Hyde Park, but I shall cut for you - next week I really must be in town - so I'll see you at 11pm on Saturday and we'll have an idyllic weekend.

All the love you see in my eyes and all I feel in my heart.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

23rd June 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Darling - Thank you so much for your nice surprise letter - It was a lovely one.  How funny that it should come out at Aunt Mildred's just as we were talking about it at home.  But I do feel (seeing as how we haven't had anything to do with it) that it might prove a blessing.  I didn't know Mummy had brought up the subject of my insurance as well (poor old thing! I did let you in for it on Sunday, didn't I?) The way I look at it is as upon a "saving" that Mummy is kindly saving for me instead of having to do it myself (because my Prudential's the same) - and also I think of all Mummy did with her insurance money when she was 50. - It made a tremendous difference for her (for a year or two!)  I know I should have enough to live on if you died - with your policy money and other things later when either of our parents die - but when I'm getting narrow and middle aged and uninteresting - it will be marvellous to be able suddenly to do one of the things I've wanted to all my life - travel somewhere - set up a new house - take the children somewhere they couldn't have gone without it - just to wake myself up to the goodness of life once more, (where money can help one so tremendously when the excitement of living is dying down!) - And don't you ever let Mummy think you think it a waste of money (just because you'd rather see I had all the money I needed) - because she has to expend the feelings she has for us all some way or other - and if she can lie in bed at night and think "well, whatever happens, Mary Love is quite happy and will be well looked after - and I've done all I wanted to for her" - then it's worth accepting - isn't it? Some of the nicest gifts are the unnecessary ones.

The dress rehearsal last night was a great success - we started at 7.30 and didn't finish till.  11.30!  The lighting effects alter the whole production - & add a tremendous glamour to everything.  I wish A. Mildred would come one evening. No. 8 in row C. will be rather a mouldy seat.  But you must use your wits & slip into an empty one more until if you can.  They all told me I looked nicest in my country girl costume - I'm longing for you to see me!!  

We had a few general photographs taken - & the beastly News Chronicle man made us join in a row & link arms! - & took Kathleen & I powdering our noses!!!  I took some with my camera on an s.s. Kodak - & tried an exposure by stage lighting, but I don't suppose it'll come out.  It's all great fun & I'm very thrilled - but a bit tired already - and I have to go to bed with such dirty feet every night!! I wish I went home instead.

I should have loved to have seen you talking to your woman - it must have been very funny.  I could talk to you for hours myself - but then I always could!

All my love always.


Mary Pleasant   xxx

P.S. On pain of death don't go home without seeing me tomorrow - come along to the dressing rooms along the path to the "ladies & gents" - on the right going out of the chair space.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

22nd June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

22nd April 1936

Petootie Darling, 

Our hand is being forced.  Renny came round to-day and tells me that when he went to supper with Aunt Mildred they talked about us and it came out the parents hadn't written to your mother, & she told him she was going to write.  Thinking it over I am not sure that I want her to.  It is rather going behind M & D's backs. I haven't been able to phone them today but will tomorrow about the show on Sunday.  I'll tell them then what I have decided.  It is very sweet of her.  She also talked of inviting your mother up.

This evening I went to see my queer client.  Although she arranged to see me just after six she wasn't in herself till nearly seven, & then she talked & talked & talked the most queer stuff.  The poor woman is absolutely an object of pity.  She admitted that she went to Blankenberge to recover from a nervous breakdown.  It was like listening to a Dostoevsky character raving quietly. Her talk was so mixed that it was almost unintelligible.  She has two obsessions: that people don't want her, and that men are always trying to seduce her.  She would still be talking but I got up in the middle of a sentence and said I would report all she had told me to our head office.  I started by explaining matters to her but she couldn't understand anything just branched away onto something different, so after listening to her for half an hour I said I would report her remarks to H.O. & came home to a half cold supper.

It was a lovely week-end.  I hope you haven't caught flu from going near Jill.

I can't see the point of your mother's insurance idea.  Of course I won't draw out any of my bonuses because if I die first you will suffer financial loss & will want the insurance money - the only reason I got insured; but if you died first it wouldn't mean any financial loss (the only kind of loss and insurance can put right) to me.  Unless our children were just at the age when they still needed a woman to look after them it would be sheer profit.  So why should I get any insurance money.  Certainly you should draw out all the bonuses to which you were entitled, if you needed them.  I can't see the point of insuring you at all.  It is just waste of money.  If she settled the premium amount on you, it would be some independent pin money for you, so that you could buy clothes I didn't like.

I must stop now It is twenty past eleven.  Sleep well, or rather, by the time you get this letter, work hard.

Lots of Love & lots of kisses


Saturday, 18 June 2016

18th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick



Most dearest of dears - let's hope you never understand what a fat mug of a wife you've let yourself in for.  Darling - you'd never believe me if I could tell you how sick I've worried myself for the last 10 days.  Today is like waking up from a nightmare in which you're just being hanged for killing somebody, & finding it's not true.  I couldn 't tell you, because you laughed at me & made me think you didn't really know anything at all about it.  Anyway, in all my life before, I've never had a proper tummy-ache that lasted for 1- days on end - and it isn't much better now - and I've felt so sick all the time too.  But I expect it's because I've always been so fiendishly healthy that something must have upset me inside and I can't explain it.

- I'm sorry, old thing, to bring this all up again like this, but it's so marvellous not to have to worry any more & there's noone else I can explain it to - oh - my dearest dear - aren't I a fool?

Thank you so much for your letter, over which I duly dried my eyes, and determined on a new & better life, for your sake!! Saturday sounds lovely - but listen, if you have me to supper & we go to the New Victoria - I'll buy your film - because it's not fair, your having to pay up every weekend.  So if you buy it I'll refund you the cost on Saturday.  Shall I meet you at Earls Court Station at 2.30?  Gosh it will be nice seeing you again - your photograph is the stoniest thing I've ever met.

Ralph Linley is getting married in September - the cad.  Still, they've got pots of money.

I should have simply loved July 11th - but we've booked up "As You Like It" to do at the Twickenham county School that afternoon so I'm afraid it's imposs.  Isn't it always the way? - When you suggest something all off your own bat and thrill me to the marrow - I can't come.

- Best luck for tomorrow - I shall be in all the evening if you have a moment to phone me.

All my love always.

Your  Mary Pleasant  xxx

Friday, 17 June 2016

17th June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

17th June 1936

My Darling Mary,

I think an equally useful and less difficult problem than that of rejuvenation for prolonging life would be an invention to do away with the necessity for sleep.  It maddens me to think that I waste seven or eight hours every day doing nothing when I have such a lot to do.  I don't remember ever having read of any attempt to discover such a thing.

Nowadays I am really living for the first time.  Life must have been a stagnant affair before you loved me and I joined the Communist Party.  I am about as happy, I suppose, as it is possible for anyone to be, but at the same time I am too occupied to think whether I am enjoying myself or not.

If only I could be rid of the Poly & free from the necessity of wasting my time earning my living!  You see I am never content: saying one minute that I am perfectly happy, and the next minute wishing for something far off. But it is part of the happiness.  We should be miserable without wishes.  To get married is another.

I do wish 22nd June activities didn't clash.  I should like you to come to our dance, and I should like to see your final performance.

I rang up Renny about Saturday but he was not in.  I have asked him to ring me.  I don't think I can afford it because I want to take advantage of not being able to go to Dunally this week-end to buy a film and start my housing picture.  Could you come up in the afternoon and help me, have supper here & then come to the New Victoria with me?

By the way, do you know that your mother is ill?  I have written to her.  What do you think she would like, I should like to send her something.  She has the same thing as Jack apparently.  He told me about it.

This morning I got a letter form Vera congratulating me on my engagement - She says that you look lovely by your photo in the Morning Post! (Evidently it is being passed round.) I personally don't think one can get the slightest idea from it what you look like.

Vera has been "writing frantically these last few months", and has sold three stories and a sketch and has requests for more, so she is going off to Jamaica on the proceeds.  She is going by a different line from Mrs Ormo, from Liverpool.

Renny has just rung up.  He is not very keen on going to Dulwich either.  Apparently he had a very good time at this dinner and dance at which he deputised for me, by getting off with the new secretary of the English-Speaking Union and with another girl who didn't belong to their party.  She rang him up today, but he has "thought better of it" and instructs the office to say he is out!

He and I have just been asked to a sherry party by the same people at Wimbledon but can't get out there in time.

I hope you feel better now.  I can assure you it is your imagination.

From Monday onwards I am to deal direct with Ashe over my complaints - He says he prefers to work with me because I am quicker than anyone else in the firm at picking things up and don't have to take long notes!!  Needless to say he didn't say this to me.  Stonelake passed it on to me.  It will now be up to me to shine. I get on well with Ashe although I dislike him.

On Saturday 11th July Dean & Dawson are having an outing to Maidenhead & have asked the Poly to join them, so a few of us are going.  I have booked two seats for us.  Let me know if there is any snag so that I can let them know.  Once we get to Maidenhead I believe we can do what we like.

Goodbye, my love.  Write & let me know what time to expect you on Saturday.

Terrick  XXX

Thursday, 16 June 2016

16th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick



Dearest of Dears - in about ten minutes I must start for Twickenham to try on costumes & thence on to Brentford to try out to cast Rosalind - if I don't like her I'm going to kick up as much of a shindy as I dare - She can't expect to perform in public after only 2 rehearsals.  This may be my last moment this week so I thought you'd forgive a short one.  I've received my booklet from Kodak's & shall buy an s.s. film to take some of the dress rehearsal.

Car & General Interviewing me at 2.30 tomorrow re Jill running down woman last November!  They spent 1 1/2 hrs. giving her 3rd degree today for evidence in case they bring it to court! Whoopee!

- Let me know definitely about Sat: what time & where etc: - But I have come to the conclusion the only thing I have fit to wear at all - is exactly what I wore to Grannie's birthday party - plus eye veil & fluffy blouse.  Don't you think that ought to do? - I could keep in the background.  Or would Renny be horrified?

- Talked to Grannie a bit on communism yesterday - heaven knows what you would have thought!

Have just spent an hour dancing an eightsome reel - or trying to - & feel fit to bust.

- Hope this crosses a letter from you - When can I see you next? - Did you say Friday was no good? - Oh yes, it's your speech.  never mind - Saturday will have to do.

- All my very bestest love


Mary P.

P.S. I still have a tummy-ache, but I expect it's all imagination !!! - anyway I shall know by next week!!!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

11th June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

The Office


Dearest One

The furniture shop is at the bottom of Radcliffe Gardens, so I'll meet you at Earl's Court Station at the time you mentioned for being at the Dominion (I forget what it was; your letter is at home).

I have got some booklets on the Rhine-land for Helen but nothing on Youth Hostels.  She will have to get that from the German Railways Information Bureau.  Let me have her address.


I have just heard that I am only to have tomorrow morning off now.

Which book on birth control did you mean?  How much is it?

My dreams of struggle and strife needn't worry you.  They weren't practical & the struggle & strife wasn't local in my case.  Just dreams of exciting times that will happen one day perhaps not in our time.

I must stop now.

All my love


Friday, 10 June 2016

10th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

June 10th 1936

Darling - Thank you very much for the effort it must have cost you to remember to write to me when you'd only seen me the day before!  actually, it's the best time of the week to send me a letter - because I can answer it on my free afternoon now.

At first thought I was a bit disappointed about your dance on the 27th - but I rather hope the cast will arrange a bit of a party after the last performance - so perhaps we could both meet after everything's over & go home.  Do you mean it'll be a political struggle and strife in the future?  Because it makes me feel a bit apprehentious, when I think about it - and also makes me quite certain that we oughtn't to live in Richmond - we should have a most miserable time - or rather I would - unless I could ever make myself feel strongly enough to overcome outside criticism.

I looked in Miss X's Richmond and Twickenham to see if there were any flats advertised in those roads we looked at - but only one is mentioned.  There were one of two others that sounded nice up in the same direction and they all ranged from 22/- to 27/6 & 30/- - so it ought to be fairly easy when we want one.  The most expensive ones were 35/- but they sounded too large for us anyway.  It puts me off a bit when they say "newly decorated" - because it would be so extravagant to put our beautiful white & peach paint over the top!

I should love to see your famous chairs that I slightly turned up my nose at.  Weren't they somewhere down Tottenham Court Rd?  if so, I'll meet you outside the Dominion Cinema at about 5.30 - 5.45.  Would that do?  I should also like to find the picture shop called "Challenge ??" somewhere near Russell Square

It seems rather hard on you, having to come all the way down to Richmond afterwards - what about seeing "The Dream" on Saturday afternoon - or are you booked up that day?  It looks as if it's going to be awful for me these weekends - here all Sunday mornings and back on Sundays after tea - Grannie's away.  Find out, if you can, the weekend which will be most booked up for you in the next 3 - because I think I shall ask Auntie Bee if she'll have me - although Sunday rehearsal is a drawback.  Helen Dick offered me half her bed this Saturday - but if you're busy there's not much aim - is there? Flip is a curse! - Also, one day I'd very much like to try and get a copy of the entry in Lambeth Parish Church of James Ormiston's marriage in 1798.  Couldn't you help me?

Thank you so much for taking my camera to Kodak.  Did you point out how stiff it was to close, too?

Today we are making fudge to sell to the children, to get money to buy Folk Dance records.  Patricia has just got a wonderful book of Scottish dances and reels - & we're going to start learning an "eightsome" next week - & when we're fairly good, we're going to invite the London Representative to come down and help us!!!  - I think she's a plan "Miss Law" - but we were very tempted to invite Lady Mackintosh of Mackintosh - or even Mrs Magregor of Magregor!  We're going to invite you & P. Wilson-Dixon & Helen over one evening to join the staff in one!

This evening we've got a lecture on architecture for which we're charging 1/- entrance to send to Sydney Carroll for the Open Air Theatre.

What a life!!

- Oh darling, I'm longing to see you again - I haven't forgotten my strawberries & cream yet!

- I am now going upstairs to write our decorating scheme in my book.

All my love always - in spite of the "struggle & strife".

Mary  xxx

P.S. At the beginning of the summer hols - when I've got a lot of money - I'm going to buy that book on Birth Control - if you'll go into the shop for me and ask for it?

Thursday, 9 June 2016

9th June 1936 - Postcard from Eileen to Terrick

The "Hindenberg" has just flown by.

I've just been driving along the Poppelsdorfer Allee and thought of you!  We came here from Koln this afternoon and had tea at the Petersberger Hotel on the top of one of the "Siebengebirge".  Do you know it?  This view of the Drachenfels is taken from it.  This afternoon we were in Alberts Old Corps house & this evening he had a practise bout at fencing.  It was not interesting.  he hadn't done any since he was here last 7 years ago.  His fencing master is coming to dinner with us today.  We are touring a part of the Moselle tomorrow, Tuer, Koblenz & Waldesch.



Will send Rennie a card from Heidleberg

Saturday, 4 June 2016

4th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Thursday 3.55

Dear Terrick - having an odd moment between my children's departure and the tea gong (Miss X being out) I thought I'd write you a letter.  I may not have time to finish it - but that won't matter - one of the nicest things about a letter, to me, is the look of it's envelope.  You know you often say "I'm sorry I didn't write to you, but I didn't have time" - & I do, too, sometimes - well, I've been thinking to myself just lately it isn't time you need to write the kind of thing that would make the whole day seem like it does when I'm going to see you in the evening - but just "kindness".  I don't suppose you quite understand yet.  But if, say, when you hadn't seen me for 24 hours you just wrote either 
(a) "I still love you"
or (b) "Have just seen marvellous bedroom suite for 6¾ d
or (c) "Party last night great success"
on the back of a bus ticket & posted it to me - it would quite equal half going to the pictures with you or ⅓ going to the "Continental" with you.  So you see, two of them (provided they were on two successive dates) would save you the price of a whole evening's outing - and three of them (provided they were on three successive dates) would save you a whole evening's entertaining!  But I feel you never think it's worth writing unless you've got an hour to spend concocting a super letter - whereas it's worth 40 times more than you can possibly imagine - just because I know it's written when you hadn't got time - but made it specially for me - any more weeks with you in the distance all the time will be almost unbearable- it seems so much worse now I'm really and properly engaged to you - & weekends come all in one lump - so it seems a frightfully unbalanced existence!

I love you so very much - and Tuesday evening was magnificent.  Thank you ever so much for taking me.  Have you heard how your mother is?

Mummy wants to know the cheapest return fare to Norway for Ken's wedding Aug 6th.  Can you find out? - & I think they said you went to Oslo.  We say J. Eastman's baby yesterday - He's lovely now - frightfully big & brown with lovely blue eyes.

- I must stop because I've got a frightful lot to do - Patricia says I don'[t plan my life well enough (because I said I hadn't time to play tennis with her this evening!) - but I'm afraid she's quite right.

- All my love, my very dearest dear, I long terribly for Saturday - could we lunch together at 2 1.45, or is that too early? I suppose you don't want to look round any rooms now - do you?

Yours always

Mary P  xxx

P.S. I hope the social goes off well tomorrow - remember my better points when you gaze upon your communist women!