Saturday, 18 June 2016

18th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick



Most dearest of dears - let's hope you never understand what a fat mug of a wife you've let yourself in for.  Darling - you'd never believe me if I could tell you how sick I've worried myself for the last 10 days.  Today is like waking up from a nightmare in which you're just being hanged for killing somebody, & finding it's not true.  I couldn 't tell you, because you laughed at me & made me think you didn't really know anything at all about it.  Anyway, in all my life before, I've never had a proper tummy-ache that lasted for 1- days on end - and it isn't much better now - and I've felt so sick all the time too.  But I expect it's because I've always been so fiendishly healthy that something must have upset me inside and I can't explain it.

- I'm sorry, old thing, to bring this all up again like this, but it's so marvellous not to have to worry any more & there's noone else I can explain it to - oh - my dearest dear - aren't I a fool?

Thank you so much for your letter, over which I duly dried my eyes, and determined on a new & better life, for your sake!! Saturday sounds lovely - but listen, if you have me to supper & we go to the New Victoria - I'll buy your film - because it's not fair, your having to pay up every weekend.  So if you buy it I'll refund you the cost on Saturday.  Shall I meet you at Earls Court Station at 2.30?  Gosh it will be nice seeing you again - your photograph is the stoniest thing I've ever met.

Ralph Linley is getting married in September - the cad.  Still, they've got pots of money.

I should have simply loved July 11th - but we've booked up "As You Like It" to do at the Twickenham county School that afternoon so I'm afraid it's imposs.  Isn't it always the way? - When you suggest something all off your own bat and thrill me to the marrow - I can't come.

- Best luck for tomorrow - I shall be in all the evening if you have a moment to phone me.

All my love always.

Your  Mary Pleasant  xxx

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