Thursday, 16 June 2016

16th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick



Dearest of Dears - in about ten minutes I must start for Twickenham to try on costumes & thence on to Brentford to try out to cast Rosalind - if I don't like her I'm going to kick up as much of a shindy as I dare - She can't expect to perform in public after only 2 rehearsals.  This may be my last moment this week so I thought you'd forgive a short one.  I've received my booklet from Kodak's & shall buy an s.s. film to take some of the dress rehearsal.

Car & General Interviewing me at 2.30 tomorrow re Jill running down woman last November!  They spent 1 1/2 hrs. giving her 3rd degree today for evidence in case they bring it to court! Whoopee!

- Let me know definitely about Sat: what time & where etc: - But I have come to the conclusion the only thing I have fit to wear at all - is exactly what I wore to Grannie's birthday party - plus eye veil & fluffy blouse.  Don't you think that ought to do? - I could keep in the background.  Or would Renny be horrified?

- Talked to Grannie a bit on communism yesterday - heaven knows what you would have thought!

Have just spent an hour dancing an eightsome reel - or trying to - & feel fit to bust.

- Hope this crosses a letter from you - When can I see you next? - Did you say Friday was no good? - Oh yes, it's your speech.  never mind - Saturday will have to do.

- All my very bestest love


Mary P.

P.S. I still have a tummy-ache, but I expect it's all imagination !!! - anyway I shall know by next week!!!

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