Thursday, 23 June 2016

23rd June 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Darling - Thank you so much for your nice surprise letter - It was a lovely one.  How funny that it should come out at Aunt Mildred's just as we were talking about it at home.  But I do feel (seeing as how we haven't had anything to do with it) that it might prove a blessing.  I didn't know Mummy had brought up the subject of my insurance as well (poor old thing! I did let you in for it on Sunday, didn't I?) The way I look at it is as upon a "saving" that Mummy is kindly saving for me instead of having to do it myself (because my Prudential's the same) - and also I think of all Mummy did with her insurance money when she was 50. - It made a tremendous difference for her (for a year or two!)  I know I should have enough to live on if you died - with your policy money and other things later when either of our parents die - but when I'm getting narrow and middle aged and uninteresting - it will be marvellous to be able suddenly to do one of the things I've wanted to all my life - travel somewhere - set up a new house - take the children somewhere they couldn't have gone without it - just to wake myself up to the goodness of life once more, (where money can help one so tremendously when the excitement of living is dying down!) - And don't you ever let Mummy think you think it a waste of money (just because you'd rather see I had all the money I needed) - because she has to expend the feelings she has for us all some way or other - and if she can lie in bed at night and think "well, whatever happens, Mary Love is quite happy and will be well looked after - and I've done all I wanted to for her" - then it's worth accepting - isn't it? Some of the nicest gifts are the unnecessary ones.

The dress rehearsal last night was a great success - we started at 7.30 and didn't finish till.  11.30!  The lighting effects alter the whole production - & add a tremendous glamour to everything.  I wish A. Mildred would come one evening. No. 8 in row C. will be rather a mouldy seat.  But you must use your wits & slip into an empty one more until if you can.  They all told me I looked nicest in my country girl costume - I'm longing for you to see me!!  

We had a few general photographs taken - & the beastly News Chronicle man made us join in a row & link arms! - & took Kathleen & I powdering our noses!!!  I took some with my camera on an s.s. Kodak - & tried an exposure by stage lighting, but I don't suppose it'll come out.  It's all great fun & I'm very thrilled - but a bit tired already - and I have to go to bed with such dirty feet every night!! I wish I went home instead.

I should have loved to have seen you talking to your woman - it must have been very funny.  I could talk to you for hours myself - but then I always could!

All my love always.


Mary Pleasant   xxx

P.S. On pain of death don't go home without seeing me tomorrow - come along to the dressing rooms along the path to the "ladies & gents" - on the right going out of the chair space.

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