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10th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

June 10th 1936

Darling - Thank you very much for the effort it must have cost you to remember to write to me when you'd only seen me the day before!  actually, it's the best time of the week to send me a letter - because I can answer it on my free afternoon now.

At first thought I was a bit disappointed about your dance on the 27th - but I rather hope the cast will arrange a bit of a party after the last performance - so perhaps we could both meet after everything's over & go home.  Do you mean it'll be a political struggle and strife in the future?  Because it makes me feel a bit apprehentious, when I think about it - and also makes me quite certain that we oughtn't to live in Richmond - we should have a most miserable time - or rather I would - unless I could ever make myself feel strongly enough to overcome outside criticism.

I looked in Miss X's Richmond and Twickenham to see if there were any flats advertised in those roads we looked at - but only one is mentioned.  There were one of two others that sounded nice up in the same direction and they all ranged from 22/- to 27/6 & 30/- - so it ought to be fairly easy when we want one.  The most expensive ones were 35/- but they sounded too large for us anyway.  It puts me off a bit when they say "newly decorated" - because it would be so extravagant to put our beautiful white & peach paint over the top!

I should love to see your famous chairs that I slightly turned up my nose at.  Weren't they somewhere down Tottenham Court Rd?  if so, I'll meet you outside the Dominion Cinema at about 5.30 - 5.45.  Would that do?  I should also like to find the picture shop called "Challenge ??" somewhere near Russell Square

It seems rather hard on you, having to come all the way down to Richmond afterwards - what about seeing "The Dream" on Saturday afternoon - or are you booked up that day?  It looks as if it's going to be awful for me these weekends - here all Sunday mornings and back on Sundays after tea - Grannie's away.  Find out, if you can, the weekend which will be most booked up for you in the next 3 - because I think I shall ask Auntie Bee if she'll have me - although Sunday rehearsal is a drawback.  Helen Dick offered me half her bed this Saturday - but if you're busy there's not much aim - is there? Flip is a curse! - Also, one day I'd very much like to try and get a copy of the entry in Lambeth Parish Church of James Ormiston's marriage in 1798.  Couldn't you help me?

Thank you so much for taking my camera to Kodak.  Did you point out how stiff it was to close, too?

Today we are making fudge to sell to the children, to get money to buy Folk Dance records.  Patricia has just got a wonderful book of Scottish dances and reels - & we're going to start learning an "eightsome" next week - & when we're fairly good, we're going to invite the London Representative to come down and help us!!!  - I think she's a plan "Miss Law" - but we were very tempted to invite Lady Mackintosh of Mackintosh - or even Mrs Magregor of Magregor!  We're going to invite you & P. Wilson-Dixon & Helen over one evening to join the staff in one!

This evening we've got a lecture on architecture for which we're charging 1/- entrance to send to Sydney Carroll for the Open Air Theatre.

What a life!!

- Oh darling, I'm longing to see you again - I haven't forgotten my strawberries & cream yet!

- I am now going upstairs to write our decorating scheme in my book.

All my love always - in spite of the "struggle & strife".

Mary  xxx

P.S. At the beginning of the summer hols - when I've got a lot of money - I'm going to buy that book on Birth Control - if you'll go into the shop for me and ask for it?

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