Thursday, 20 April 2017

20th April 1937 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

20th April 1937

My dearest,

Last night I was showing Renny those three photographs of you that your mother gave me and which I took out of their frame.  They made, as they did when I first saw them, a tremendous feeling of tenderness for you well up inside me.  It is just a littler edition of you now:- such a loving, lovable little girl who is too good for anyone like me or anyone else.  Heavens, I am lucky!

Yesterday I got a letter from home saying that Daddy was sending Renny and me new Revelation cases with our initials on them, and this evening they have come.  Mine is initialled "G.B.H.F"!  I shall ring up the Revelation people tomorrow & get them to change it, but I very much suspect that the fault is in my father's terrible writing.  It may be though that he ordered it verbally in Harrogate and the salesman took down G.B. instead of T.V. which certainly sounds similar.

Another thing that happened last night is that I got a letter from Joan asking you me and Renny to her wedding at 10.15 am on Friday 23rd at Hampstead Parish Church.  Renny can't com but I asked off this morning.  Joan also rang up and enquired whether I could come.  I told her definitely about myself but didn't promise for you.  Will you come? It would be great fun. I think I'll ring you up and ask you.

I have got my new lenses which seem very good.  At the moment I see better with my left eye than with my right but the optician says my eyes have to accustom themselves to the new lenses.

On reading through the details for applications for the Imperial Airway job I see that I have to have passed either Matric, or School Cert with 5 credits including English, Maths & a Modern Language.  I didn't go in for Matric but I passed School Cert with a fair number of credits though I don't know about five - but Maths quite definitely was not one of them.  I only got 33% - I have written home to ask if they have the Certificate there.

I got my photo from Selfridge.  Here is one but isn't it awful.  I wasn't quite ready & was just going to smile, hence the lazy lip.

Goodbye, my little darling.  I wish you were the size you were in your old photos so that I could pick you up in my arms and rock you.

I love you very much.

Terrick  XXXXX

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

5th April 1937 - Mary to Terrick


April 5th '37

Dearest One - it's the most perfect thing to feel as close to anybody as I do to you.  As each day goes by more & more do I feel that we're wasting time - everything would be worth twice it's present value if we were together.  Every two minutes I want to look up and say "Terrick" and for you to say "Yes?" - and then to ask you the hundred & one things that nobody else would know the answer to.

This isn't "love" - it's just "incompleteness" - you can understand people getting fat with contentment when they suddenly find the empty places of their souls filled up - the smallness of their minds absorbed in something greater and their bodies made whole.  it's a state of idealism which I am sure could so easily drug it's addicts and blind them to it's possibilities.  I have go to remember so consistently, darling, that life can't be lived by running my fingers through your hair or polishing your shoes.  It's very difficult for womankind to keep any part of herself her own - since her whole instinct is to merge everything with a being stronger than herself where it becomes swallowed up.  Perhaps in the majority of cases it's only a passing phase - & the trouble starts when she tries to emerge.  You'll keep me bright & sane, darling won't you? - I'm not always a fool - and I feel that under a nice, steady platonic, dispassionate guiding influence, I might even aspire to intelligence!

I don't now whether any of this is sense - I never do - but there's something I want to say behind it all - and it helps to try.

I have written to your father and asked him about my photographs - have you written to your mother about the rug? - I see it measures (?)7" x 54" so it's quite a good size.

I can have the car tomorrow so I'll be outside the office at 1.30 if that's O.K. with you & we'll go straight off to Bowman's.  Then I'll find something to do in the afternoon & meet you at 6.

After that I don't care what we do - wander round the Marble Arch holding hands if you like - I love you so so much that a good dose of sitting and just looking at you would suit me nicely - and be awfully cheap!

- My dearest dear - noone knows how tremendously lucky I am -


Mary Pleasant

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

22nd March 1937 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

22nd March 1937

My Dearest, Dearest Girl,

Today I could I think have had a chance of going to Nice after all, but found that I wouldn't go for a hundred pounds.  I am looking forward so much to going up to Wensley with you.

After I had rung off I remembered that in my first letter home I did say to them that they ought to write and invite you, but they probably would have anyhow.  I didn't think of it any more after I had spoken to my father on the phone, I took that as instead.  I didn't say anything to him about writing too which was what I suppose I was thinking about when I said 'no'.

I could have stood and talked to you on the phone for ages if you hadn't been going out & had Miss cross waiting to get on the phone.  It would have been all about nothing - with Mrs Nutt listening, but it would have been very nice.  So I am writing to you instead.

Before I can get a grant from the Poly for my eyes I have to get a form signed by my doctor that I need to have them tested!  It is so seldom that I see my doctor that I don't know if I can find his house again.

I left behind at Dunally my bedroom slippers and your brown tie.  Will you bring them up with you, please.

Must stop now.  With all my love


Friday, 3 March 2017

3rd March 1937 - Mary to Terrick


Dearest Dear - I have had a most marvellous afternoon - it was wonderful - spending pots & pots of money - on a new coat & skirt - jersey - 2 hats - and material for a summer skirt & two dresses - and a pair of brown gloves - oh heavens! - it was a lovely time! - & now I'm simply longing to show it all to you, and you'll say "um - oh, yes quite nice - " and pass them all over disinterestedly - but will you give me a brown handbag for my birthday? Because I felt I really couldn't afford that!

Mummy has sent you some cod-liver oil & malt - so you'll swell visibly I should think!

I have just got back in time for supper before going out & found a most lovely long letter from Eileen - and a postcard telling me to be at a rehearsal of Twelfth Night on Friday!  It's probably to decide between Kathleen & me for Maria - so it'll be a bit nerve-wracking because she's much more popular.  It's also a bit disappointing about the Highland Club - because I wanted to hear Jas McPhee again so badly.  But Shakespeare will be nicer if I get it.

Eileen's letter was full of news - & had been opened again - you must read it, because it's all different from yours.  She's offered to make me anything I like, as she has so much time on her hands - which is jolly nice of her.  The nephew isn't expected until Aug 18th so she probably won't be able to come over till Christmas - which is disappointing - he seems to be going on all right so far.  I'll write to her again next week.  I also had a long letter from Inge, saying she was too busy to come over this summer - but would you & I go and stay there - as there was room for both of us.  I'll write and thank her and explain.

Ring me up on Friday before 8.  I wish so badly I was going to see you.  I shan't get Saturday off.

I hope things are going well - yesterday evening was lovely - 

I love you so much.


Mary Pleasant

Saturday, 25 February 2017

25th February 1937 - Mary to Terrick


Dear Old Thing - here is Patricia's best attempt on the gym piano. - it's all I can remember - perhaps they played it over & over again!!  It sounds awfully good if played with feeling, taking notice of the dots.

I loved yesterday evening - & got to bed beautifully late - the nicest bit was our cup of coffee.

Miss Cross wants you to suggest somewhere she can go for a week's holiday at Easter.  As hot as possible (probably S. France) and as small as possible she wanted to fly but thinks it's too expensive.

Just off to Shakespeare - had wonderful game of squash.

All my love


Thursday, 23 February 2017

23rd February 1937 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

23rd February 1937

Dearest Girl, 

How I am looking forward to tomorrow!  It seems longer than usual since I last saw you, perhaps only because I have been so busy.

This morning a letter arrived from the Enquiry Office of Imperial Airways, the man Monk had told me to write to, a silly letter saying they had no vacancy at my salary but he could offer me a job in the Enquiry Dept at £3 a week.  Would I ring him if I was interested?  So in the lunch hour I went down and saw him.  Apparently Monk was correct in all the information he gave me except that the Enquiry Officer was the man to write to.  The E.O. only dealt with jobs in his own section - in which Monk himself was.  I told the E.O. his job was no good to me, and that I was only interested in the more highly paid jobs which I understood were abroad.  He confirmed this and said that the Staff Dept dealt with those jobs but he would get them to send me full particulars.  So that is how thing stand - pretty much as before.  He said that the people in the jobs I want are mostly "Director's pups" and that there is great competition for the jobs.  So I'll get a list of the directors and send it home for the old folks to see if they know any of them directly or indirectly.

I have got you a copy of the Leeds Mercury of 18th April last.  Quite a good photo.  Daddy was in the Daily Mirror yesterday for reviving a 110 year old custom of a dinner where anyone who talks shop is fined 2/6, at a certain inn & at a certain time.  He has invited one guest, the Bishop of Ripon, who has accepted.  Crackers!

This evening I worked till after eight, but I'll get away early tomorrow.  Come round at about 6.15pm not before.  I have a copy of the Leeds Mercury.

This is my last sheet of notepaper so I'll go onto this.

Renny has got a photograph of Evelyn which you must see.  She looks very beautiful in it, but it takes all the character out of her face.  Yesterday evening I spent helping with his German.

I wanted to have the different parts of the Albert Hall marked with the national flags but I find that the only official German flag now is the Crooked Cross (Swastika) and that was a bit too much even for the right wingers in the firm, so I have dropped the idea.  At Mr May's request I am doing my best to get von Ribbentrop to come, but it goes against the grain.  He is at the Leipzig Fair at the moment and may not be back in time.

All tomorrow I shall have the relieving feeling in the middle of my hurly burly of work that I am going to meet you at the end of it.  It will be like the pillar of smoke in the wilderness.  It is almost a pity to think that one day it will become an everyday matter.

Goodnight, my dear one



Sunday, 19 February 2017

18th February 1937 - Mary to Terrick


My darling - as I never get a letter from you now I presume it's because you don't get enough from me - so I thought I'd write one to hold over your head until I can come down to breakfast one blissful & heaven-sent morning to find the nicest looking envelope on my plate.  Although I'm afraid it would cause many ribald remarks from the assembled crowd - as it's honestly time - the only single letter I've had this term has been from the Postmaster General!

I have just come back from our last rehearsal which went fairly well - time is the only real worry as we can only allow 10 secs. for each change of scene!!  Mrs Sunley (senior) says she hopes to meet you at last on Saturday (I expect their seats are somewhere near ours).  We play first (which is really quite nice if you think about it - in case we had a comedy before us) so I shall have to be there about 6.30 and shall be able to come down to my seat directly afterwards.  Mummy won't be able to come - she is better but still in bed.  Can we spend a nice afternoon together?  We needn't do anything special.  It's a pity we couldn't have looked for a flat - it would have been such a good opportunity!  I wonder if you will have heard from Imperial Airways - I have been thinking about it a lot.  probably because every breath I have breathed for the last four or five weeks has been a plan for getting married this April (quite groundless - I grant you!) - and now the chance that I might have to dust everything and put it safely away in some deep corner for another year (not only material things - which are more easily disposed of - but hopes and fears and aches - and plans for ways and means of living) - has snapped me off, and I'm left a bit rudderless since yesterday.  My new pillowcases don't look quite so exciting - and my underclothes tend to mock me as I work.

But I assure you this is but the feeling of a day.  It would be a wonderful, wonderful thing for you to be somewhere where you could really feel it was worth while working on - where people would really appreciate what you can do. - and so that you could make a wonderful lot of all the money you despise so much - and retire and write books and live in a flat roofed house with a cat and three sons and a daughter and your name would go down to posterity - and I should love you and see that you had everything you wanted always without worrying you - so that you could think of things.  (This is rather a long sentence - but you can understand it if you try)

- There are times ahead of us we dream not of - which will exceed any time we have lived so far - because we shall be together - and I don't mind for myself one bit if I'm rich or poor as long as you're there.

"It's better to travel hopefully than to arrive" come from "Virginibus Puerisque (?)"

Kathleen Hayes & her mother saw you three walking down Shaftesbury Avenue on Tuesday simply roaring with laughter!!

It is now 11.15p.m. and I can't keep awake - I hope Bradford went well - you might make a mighty effort and either phone before 8p.m. or write tomorrow - just so that I know you're back safely - & think what we can do on Saturday.  We needn't spend any money.  I get off at 1p.m.

All my love 

Mary Pleasant

P.S. What about the Seagull Guides if you get an offer from I.A.?