Saturday, 28 November 2015

28th November 1935 - Terrick to Mary

28th November 1935


Just a scribble before I dash out to my dinner (smelling terribly of some disgusting chemical - probably "non-shino").  I am terribly sorry, but do you mind fearfully if you don't come to the staff do tomorrow.  The situation is now impossible. We are eighteen and twelve are girls.  So there will be six girls - half the total number - sitting out at every dance.  Having got up the show I couldn't leave them to it while I danced with you, so it wouldn't be much fun for you.  I am awfully sorry, I'll try and make up for it by dancing extra well at Hounslow.

I rang you up at 6.15 to tell you, but you were out.

My suit has had the shine very well removed from all parts except the underside of the forearms.  But the smell! It's rather like crushed almonds.

I have got the films.  Yours is called "slightly under" and "much under" but the first 4 or 5 scenes look perfect to me.  Both shots of the milestone are under-exposed for the background though the stone itself is alright.  "A Family-Film" for which I forgot the close-up attachment hasn't come out at all.  The title film is called "good"! The only one we have had without a qualifying "slightly over or under".  They look perfect.  I have also got a super-reel for the film to go on.

I must fly.

Goodbye, darling.  I am so sorry about tomorrow, having once invited you.

All my love, body, soul and spirit (if there's any difference).



Thursday, 26 November 2015

26th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick

There are gaps in this letter as it has been torn up and pasted back together


Darling - This place is like an express train with the staff as the fuel to be stoked on continuously, and the fire is only allowed to die down when there is nothing more for it to do.  The bright spot in today was an hour and a half's lacrosse with the team - but among the worst spots have been taking three forms together for Old Testament (26 books to be corrected!) - having to run down to town 3 times on errands for Miss X - bashing at the ... on the kitchen range ... until I looked like ...

getting 5 babes to write ... letters in 10 minutes to an ... - and helping Miss X ment a bustle table with hundreds of more important things crying out to be done. Whoopee!

I went to the rehearsal yesterday & sang lustily till I was blue in the face - it was great fun & Brown was there (he's going to be the hind legs of the horse).  I shall be in general chorus -  Mrs Amor invigilated at the audition of the others, they seem a very nice lot.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

- We don't need to go anywhere tomorrow - I'm jolly ... going to be brow beaten ... out every time ... you.  But we'll make it a rule that I leave at 9.30. (it seems to decorous if I leave before you).

You will be glad to hear that my "marriage ferocity" has passed off having lasted exactly thirteen days - let's hope any reocurrences (sic) will be as short - because I couldn't have stood much more of it.

However I feel much better now and am gradually regaining consciousness! (Mummy arranged my convalescence, I may add!)

I don't think they'd like to go out on Sat. ... Sunday - but ... to go to tea with ... - Only I don't suppose we ... hope to have the car again (they're not to favourably disposed to the "Formitz" alliance at the moment!) - We shall have to go by train then -  think it's possible from Wimbledon - or bus from Kingston.

-  The Brondesbury pack thing sounds nice too.

- I'll see you tomorrow about 6. then unless I hear from you - What about Hiscokes?

- (But ... - I was forgetting - I'm not particularly keen on marrying you at the moment  - am I?)

All my love

Mary P

P.S. Can you do the ...

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25th November 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

25th November 1935

Darling One,

I have started on the film and have pieced together about half the various shots, ignoring the subtitles.  I have put in the whole of each shot, so we shall have to run it through on the projector and cut out bits where the shot seems to go on for too long and so interrupts the swing of the thing.  It is an infuriating job and my language has been vile.  I ordered a reel for 180ft in the lunch hour but one has to have 300ft.

Miss West hasn't sent me a card about Thursday yet, though it doesn't matter in my case.  I find I have still got your Group Theatre paper.

When you come on Wednesday, dear, please bring up the Show Book.  It is due back.  I'm afraid I shan't be able to prolong it again.

It has been bitterly cold today.  My old radiator can't cope with it.

Let me know the date of your mother's birthday and what you think she would like this year.

I must stop now.  I really had nothing to say, but I wanted to talk to you, and to make you think of me tomorrow morning.  I like doing the film twice as much as I should if it were all mine because I feel I am working in partnership with you, even when I am fiddling with it alone in my room.

When we get engaged can we have a party to celebrate it?  But I don't know, after all, that I should like that; no, I know I shouldn't.  What I should like would be going to a cocktail party at your Grandmother's just as ordinary guests and being engaged.  We should feel much more one among all the others even than we do now; perhaps because everybody else would be recognising it.

Going among my own relations wouldn't be nearly so nice because they're not a bit romantically or sentimentally inclined.  With them it would be: "what are you going to live on?" I shall refer them to "The Chimes".  It will be great!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

18th November 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

18th November 1935


How did you get on at the first rehearsal?  And how did Mrs Amor behave?

This evening I brought home the Titling Outfit and have been playing with it like a child.  There is all the necessary for making black lettering on white backgrounds and white lettering on black backgrounds, which is much better.  I made on title, white on black:




I am dying to make them and photograph them.  Darling, having had to pay for it I am rather broke.  Would it be enough for your family if we went to see "The March of Time" at the theatre, and spent the rest of the time making titles for our films.  We can't actually photograph them till I get the right electric bulbs but we could decide what ones we want and how to word them.

Darling, on Saturday afternoon I want to go to a show of Amateur films at the Exhibition of Kinematography at the Royal Photographic Society, Russell Square.  Would you like to come.

Also, I have received a notice of the Brondesbury CinĂ© Society's public show.  Do come with me to that on either the 6th, 7th or 8th December.

Today I had lunch with Paul.  His descriptions of life in Eno's made me laugh, it is so totally different from the mean, cheese-paring way in which the Poly treats its staff.  I am lunching with him again on Wednesday.

Today we had a Reunion Conference and nearly everything is fixed for all the Reunion concerts.

I expected Renny round this evening but he hasn't turned up yet.

You and I are invited to tea at the Paul Corboulds' on Sunday.  Can we go?  It would be great fun.  I am dying to see their flat.

Apropos of that, we can't possibly get married this summer, because we shan't have the money for furniture or honeymoon.  Brenda had a suite of bedroom furniture, but the rest of it cost Paul £65.  The honeymoon would cost another £50.  The actual ceremony would be about £5 for me, apart from new clothes.  Possess your soul in patience, dear, a little while, and we'll do it without hampering the deed itself with money cares.  They will come fast enough later.

It makes me smile to remember how whenever I said how impatient I was to get married, you said you wouldn't marry me in any case for - at first - five years, then three years; and now, though you can't be more impatient than I am, you want it immediately regardless of the consequences.  Remember, I told you you would.

It is bitterly cold this evening.  Thank heaven, I don't have to go to any more music hall shows.  We are not having any of the turns you saw at Grosvenor House, but we are getting Lloyd Shakespeare to provide the Western Brothers.  There is still just a possibility that we shall have his band.

Mary dear, I must stop now.  I have got to write about shirt collars, & answer two adverts.

I love you very much, and all my thoughts and energies are directed towards the day when we shan't have to say "Good-night".

Your loving


Saturday, 14 November 2015

14th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick


- Dearest Dear, Life is Bloody at the moment - I've got a tummy-ache and I haven't seen you for such a long time - (it does make an awful difference, doesn't it?) - Three people have 'phoned me up in the middle of lessons today - Andrew to arrange to take me home to vote - Wilkinson to invite me up to his Father's flat at Lancaster Gate to dinner this evening - and you.  The maids think I'm keeping a male harem - and I'm still in the same position as I was - listening to two hours New Testament with a tummy-ache!

Miss Olsson is still in bed, so I took her lessons this afternoon  and what with prep from 5-6.  I'm feeling appallingly disagreeable and haven't had any tea.

- Oh - Ticky darling - I can't go on like this - it seems weeks since I saw you, and yesterday evening was awful at home with them all playing bridge - and then Matron crowned it all by taking your letter that came for me at 9.0 up to bed with her to give me in the morning - so I might have had it to go to bed with just when I needed it last night.

Norah & Teddy called in at home for tea on Monday and didn't even think of calling on me - I do hate everybody!!

I was telling Grannie Hiscoke's was closing down and she said they'd probably be pulling all those shops down soon to widen the road just there - so that's worth bearing in mind.

I'm on duty this Saturday because of Miss Olsson - and don't get off till about 5.0.  If it's wet the children have been promised to go to Cardinal Richelieu on Sat. afternoon - but if it's dry, couldn't we go in the evening?  Mummy wants me to come home but it's so late, and Jack & Jill are going out to a dance with the car.  I suppose you - oh - no, Mummy would think I was crackers.

- But I simply must see you soon - I was hoping you wouldn't be doing anything on Friday - but I forgot Grosvenor House.

Grannie's horrified you're a Socialist - & possibly won't own anyone who'd in favour of nationalising everything!!

It is so stupid about the letters, it makes me go hot all over too.

I've lost my fountain-pen as well - curse it.

Have taken dislike to Helen Attlee who looked down her nose to me on Monday because she's going to a dance at Claridge's.

Why have you got this Sat. morning off instead?  What are you going to do - Oh - gosh - darling - if only I could see you now - it's horrible having to bottle myself up like this with noone to talk to and no weekend to look forward to - I shall have to marry someone soon - or bust!

- Dearest of dears - tell me I'm a fool & that I shall feel better tomorrow - but there seems to be an ache in my heart which grows & grows.

Perhaps I've been spoilt.



Friday, 13 November 2015

12th & 13th November 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

12th November 1935

My Own Darling,

I expect my pen to run out of ink at any moment.

Tonight is an early night for me, the only one this week.  Yesterday my Jewish theatrical agent had to call off going round with me so I went round by myself by bus & tube.  First I visited Collins' Music Hall, Islington, one of the few real old music halls left.  I sat between a tiny old man who was munching something between a nose and a chin that were only kept from knocking together at each munch by his moustache, and an enormously fat woman who, every time she turned in my direction, directed at me a blast of beery breath that nearly scorched the side of my face.  The show was very vulgar and not a bit funny.  AS soon as I had seen the Armour Boys, the turn I had come to see, I left and took a bus to the Empire, Hackney where I arrived just in time for the second house only to find that every seat was taken.  I could have stood but the photographs outside didn't look worth it, so I came home.  I could have come on a 30 bus practically from door to door, but I had left my weekend suitcase at the garage next to the Poly so had to go back for it.

Tonight I was going to the Windmill Theatre but I had some difficulty in getting free seats so I had a good look at the photographs outside.  If the dancers "Michel & Hero" had been at all likely I should have been justified in taking in that for the last house, after my Short Story class, but they were very undressed so I didn't bother.

Andy wasn't at the class.  I walked part of the way back with a rather nice girl who sits next to me.  She is acting the heroine in an amateur cine film.  Tomorrow I have got to visit more music halls.  On Thursday Rutland and I go to the Albert Hall; on Friday we are both going to Grosvenor House.  As he is coming I shan't be able to take you, dear, but we shall most probably only be just able to go in for the cabaret and come out afterwards as it is a private show and it would be rather forward to stay on.

On Saturday I am going to see a concert party at a Reunion Dinner given by Waterlow's the printers to their staff.

I am going to try and get an afternoon off in exchange for giving up all these evenings.

This afternoon at quarter-to-five I had a very amusing visit to a queer barrister in Lincoln's In .  I think he was mad.  it is too long a story to tell in a letter so I'll describe it all to you when I see you - when?

Did you go to the B.D.L. yesterday?

After leaving the sinister barrister I went to Hotel-Plan, a new Swiss touring agency of a new kind.  I could not get an interview but was asked to write in.  I can't find Raymond & Whitcomb's address in the telephone book. No stone, my dear, shall be left unturned.

I am writing this sitting up in bed in my dressing-gown.

This morning I phoned Renny to ask what prices the letters had fetched and whether they had been low enough for him to bid.  The stupid boy hadn't even got a catalogue so that he didn't know which letters were in which lot.  The first lot had fetched £4.10s0d and Renny hadn't bid at all though we agreed to go up to £5 between us!  And there were not enough bids for the second lot so it was withdrawn.  So the silly little fool has let half of them go at a price we could, at the worst, have beaten up higher.

And as for my father who put no reserve on them, he ranks with Esau who sold his birth-right for a mess of pottage.  Four pounds, ten shillings!

I told Renny that he was a lunatic, that I was very angry, and rang off.

I haven't been so disgusted at anything for years.


I've got your letter.  I like the book-shop idea and shall call on Mrs Hiscoke directly I can get down to Richmond.

I'm afraid the Poly don't give people rises because they get married.  June 1937 is only a "latest date"; if we can get married before then all the better.

I am writing this in Selfridges Help-Yourself Restaurant so it can't be very nice the atmosphere is all wrong.

I have just heard that a band I particularly want to hear is performing at the Hippodrome, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, this week, so as tonight's engagements are the ones I can cut easiest I am catching the 3.20 train and getting back to London at midday tomorrow.

I love you with all my heart and soul.  Every thought of mine is towards bringing our Wedding-day to the earliest possible date.


Thursday, 12 November 2015

12th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Darling - How are you.  I had thought of phoning you after 10.0 but have decided on early bath & bed; as Miss Olsson is in bed all this week on a diet, and it's not much fun sitting knitting all alone (Hasty. P. out at pictures).

I was sitting on end of Miss O's bed this evening when Miss X came up too, and we confabbed for nearly an hour on odd subjects.  One being that the book shop down the hill from which we buy all school books - and founded in 1840 is having to give up as the old man has died and his wife (quite a friend of Miss X's) says she can't compete with Smiths - (no wonder, as the whole show is antiquated as the year dot).  So Miss X proposed you & I should rent the shop and work it up again as it's very well known in Richmond and ought to be quite a paying concern if brought up to date & handled properly.  We'd let them sell out all their stock (masses of 2nd hand books & rubbish) and just least the building - let the flat over the top - take one for ourselves in Lichfield Court - have all latest books - invite authors down to lecture - do all stationary for the school - and open a travel agency for Poly (who haven't got one in Richmond) - and get all our clients to travel every summer!!!  Miss X thinks all that's needed is a little initiative - and if we considered it seriously(or even if not) she suggests, just for fun, your calling in there on Mrs Hiscocke (the shop is Hiscocke's - exactly opposite the Town Hall) - not mentioning any names, & saying you've heard she is going to sell & how much does she want - or what's the rent?  - Because it's a pity such an old & well known firm should be allowed to disappear from Richmond all together.

- So there you are! - Except that we're both such asses! - But I think you as manager of the travel agency would be jolly good - & Miss Olsson & I have thought of hundreds of things Smiths doesn't stock that we could keep.

- And another thing I've thought of quite seriously & decided upon - is that it would be quite as easy to get married next summer as the summer after - I'll get my job at £2 next holidays and you can get your rise out of the Poly by next June easily - because you're getting married.  Your family must give you a £100 for a wedding present - £50 for the flat - and £50 for the honeymoon - and by then we can have saved between us £27 - and we can get engaged next Easter - or perhaps a bit before and I'll come and stay at Wensley again over Easter weekend!! - and God help us both!!!

- I don't think I could wait - darling heart - I love you so much - 


Mary Pleasant

I feel last page needs some explanation - so I'll just add that I shall probably be in my right mind again tomorrow!!

- But don't even you think it might possibly be possible?

- Shall be at home tomorrow evening until 9.30.