Thursday, 26 November 2015

26th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick

There are gaps in this letter as it has been torn up and pasted back together


Darling - This place is like an express train with the staff as the fuel to be stoked on continuously, and the fire is only allowed to die down when there is nothing more for it to do.  The bright spot in today was an hour and a half's lacrosse with the team - but among the worst spots have been taking three forms together for Old Testament (26 books to be corrected!) - having to run down to town 3 times on errands for Miss X - bashing at the ... on the kitchen range ... until I looked like ...

getting 5 babes to write ... letters in 10 minutes to an ... - and helping Miss X ment a bustle table with hundreds of more important things crying out to be done. Whoopee!

I went to the rehearsal yesterday & sang lustily till I was blue in the face - it was great fun & Brown was there (he's going to be the hind legs of the horse).  I shall be in general chorus -  Mrs Amor invigilated at the audition of the others, they seem a very nice lot.  Will tell you all about it tomorrow.

- We don't need to go anywhere tomorrow - I'm jolly ... going to be brow beaten ... out every time ... you.  But we'll make it a rule that I leave at 9.30. (it seems to decorous if I leave before you).

You will be glad to hear that my "marriage ferocity" has passed off having lasted exactly thirteen days - let's hope any reocurrences (sic) will be as short - because I couldn't have stood much more of it.

However I feel much better now and am gradually regaining consciousness! (Mummy arranged my convalescence, I may add!)

I don't think they'd like to go out on Sat. ... Sunday - but ... to go to tea with ... - Only I don't suppose we ... hope to have the car again (they're not to favourably disposed to the "Formitz" alliance at the moment!) - We shall have to go by train then -  think it's possible from Wimbledon - or bus from Kingston.

-  The Brondesbury pack thing sounds nice too.

- I'll see you tomorrow about 6. then unless I hear from you - What about Hiscokes?

- (But ... - I was forgetting - I'm not particularly keen on marrying you at the moment  - am I?)

All my love

Mary P

P.S. Can you do the ...

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