Saturday, 14 November 2015

14th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick


- Dearest Dear, Life is Bloody at the moment - I've got a tummy-ache and I haven't seen you for such a long time - (it does make an awful difference, doesn't it?) - Three people have 'phoned me up in the middle of lessons today - Andrew to arrange to take me home to vote - Wilkinson to invite me up to his Father's flat at Lancaster Gate to dinner this evening - and you.  The maids think I'm keeping a male harem - and I'm still in the same position as I was - listening to two hours New Testament with a tummy-ache!

Miss Olsson is still in bed, so I took her lessons this afternoon  and what with prep from 5-6.  I'm feeling appallingly disagreeable and haven't had any tea.

- Oh - Ticky darling - I can't go on like this - it seems weeks since I saw you, and yesterday evening was awful at home with them all playing bridge - and then Matron crowned it all by taking your letter that came for me at 9.0 up to bed with her to give me in the morning - so I might have had it to go to bed with just when I needed it last night.

Norah & Teddy called in at home for tea on Monday and didn't even think of calling on me - I do hate everybody!!

I was telling Grannie Hiscoke's was closing down and she said they'd probably be pulling all those shops down soon to widen the road just there - so that's worth bearing in mind.

I'm on duty this Saturday because of Miss Olsson - and don't get off till about 5.0.  If it's wet the children have been promised to go to Cardinal Richelieu on Sat. afternoon - but if it's dry, couldn't we go in the evening?  Mummy wants me to come home but it's so late, and Jack & Jill are going out to a dance with the car.  I suppose you - oh - no, Mummy would think I was crackers.

- But I simply must see you soon - I was hoping you wouldn't be doing anything on Friday - but I forgot Grosvenor House.

Grannie's horrified you're a Socialist - & possibly won't own anyone who'd in favour of nationalising everything!!

It is so stupid about the letters, it makes me go hot all over too.

I've lost my fountain-pen as well - curse it.

Have taken dislike to Helen Attlee who looked down her nose to me on Monday because she's going to a dance at Claridge's.

Why have you got this Sat. morning off instead?  What are you going to do - Oh - gosh - darling - if only I could see you now - it's horrible having to bottle myself up like this with noone to talk to and no weekend to look forward to - I shall have to marry someone soon - or bust!

- Dearest of dears - tell me I'm a fool & that I shall feel better tomorrow - but there seems to be an ache in my heart which grows & grows.

Perhaps I've been spoilt.



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