Thursday, 12 November 2015

12th November 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Darling - How are you.  I had thought of phoning you after 10.0 but have decided on early bath & bed; as Miss Olsson is in bed all this week on a diet, and it's not much fun sitting knitting all alone (Hasty. P. out at pictures).

I was sitting on end of Miss O's bed this evening when Miss X came up too, and we confabbed for nearly an hour on odd subjects.  One being that the book shop down the hill from which we buy all school books - and founded in 1840 is having to give up as the old man has died and his wife (quite a friend of Miss X's) says she can't compete with Smiths - (no wonder, as the whole show is antiquated as the year dot).  So Miss X proposed you & I should rent the shop and work it up again as it's very well known in Richmond and ought to be quite a paying concern if brought up to date & handled properly.  We'd let them sell out all their stock (masses of 2nd hand books & rubbish) and just least the building - let the flat over the top - take one for ourselves in Lichfield Court - have all latest books - invite authors down to lecture - do all stationary for the school - and open a travel agency for Poly (who haven't got one in Richmond) - and get all our clients to travel every summer!!!  Miss X thinks all that's needed is a little initiative - and if we considered it seriously(or even if not) she suggests, just for fun, your calling in there on Mrs Hiscocke (the shop is Hiscocke's - exactly opposite the Town Hall) - not mentioning any names, & saying you've heard she is going to sell & how much does she want - or what's the rent?  - Because it's a pity such an old & well known firm should be allowed to disappear from Richmond all together.

- So there you are! - Except that we're both such asses! - But I think you as manager of the travel agency would be jolly good - & Miss Olsson & I have thought of hundreds of things Smiths doesn't stock that we could keep.

- And another thing I've thought of quite seriously & decided upon - is that it would be quite as easy to get married next summer as the summer after - I'll get my job at £2 next holidays and you can get your rise out of the Poly by next June easily - because you're getting married.  Your family must give you a £100 for a wedding present - £50 for the flat - and £50 for the honeymoon - and by then we can have saved between us £27 - and we can get engaged next Easter - or perhaps a bit before and I'll come and stay at Wensley again over Easter weekend!! - and God help us both!!!

- I don't think I could wait - darling heart - I love you so much - 


Mary Pleasant

I feel last page needs some explanation - so I'll just add that I shall probably be in my right mind again tomorrow!!

- But don't even you think it might possibly be possible?

- Shall be at home tomorrow evening until 9.30.

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