Thursday, 29 October 2015

29th October 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Darling - thank you for your letter - I haven't had one from anybody at all at breakfast time for 3 weeks!  It was lovely to sit on my bed and relish it.

I shall be longing to hear about Paul's job tomorrow - if anything else has happened!  - It would be wonderful if you could both walk off from the Poly into £300 a year.

I have just phoned Jack & he says he'll bring the car up to Richmond for us tomorrow - which will save us a lot of time - won't it? - It may be left at school or in the station yard - so I'll meet you in the yard (District side) at 1.45p.m having had lunch - Jack's going to put the projector in it - so I hope he locks up!

- Oh - it'll be marvellous if it's fine.  I'm longing for it.  Today is such a lousy day.

- I met Mrs Eriksen yesterday (who's apparently to have a first-born) -  she says Carlton is coming down to the Shakespeare on Thursday week - so I shall miss that lecture instead of this week's as I had thought of doing.

- Miss X is just about to take the 5 of us to Tilly of Bloomsbury at the Richmond Theatre as F. Hoppe's farewell party - That'll mean bed at midnight once more! It's a great life!

- It's a good job we continue to love each other in spite of everything.  I hate to think of the egotistical little beasts our children will be - Perhaps a crêche would be better - 

All my love


    Mary P.

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