Wednesday, 28 October 2015

28th October 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

28th October 1935

My Darling,

All to-day I have felt so sleepy I could hardly work at all.  I saw Renny this evening and apparently he was just the same  We must have over-eaten yesterday .  It has been a very sleepy day: 61 in the shade and I have been sitting in thick clothes next to a blazing stove.

No news from Oxford.  Also there was at first a little snag about my getting away on Wednesday but I think it is O.K. now.

We had a lovely weekend.  I now look forward to the day I can take you out to a dance in your blue evening dress and earrings.  You look just like what, in my least Communistic moments, I have always wanted my wife to look like, seated at the opposite end of a long dinner table gleaming with mahogany and silver, with our guests on each side, being gracious and entertaining and admired by all the company.

K.W. is getting his film tomorrow.  Could I get the projector & "Out for a Row" & "Keeping Cool" on Wednesday and give them back to you on Thursday?

I have just written home & told them all about the rise and the job in Oxford.

Paul was very bucked about his rise, but May has put him onto a job at £300 a year that he believes he can get because one of the firms that do our printing is to do the choosing (it is an advertising job) & they like him very much.  There is only one other candidate!  I do hope he gets it - & that I do too, so that e both leave together & give the Poly a jolt.  I should think that Paul's chance of getting his job was better than mine for the Oxford one.

I must stop now, dear, and get on with my new story.  It is the ghost one, about the girl who came to the house that her own ghost was haunting - or rather, as it turns out, her ancestor's ghost.

Just now you are a the British Drama League expressing sound ideas and generally distinguishing yourself.  See if there isn't, among all those things advertised in the hall, some group that you could get into that would be useful.

I love you very much.  You are very good for me.  It is just as well we can't get married now.  You need to break me of all my bad habits before you marry me.  It'll be more difficult afterwards.

Goodnight, darling.

from your


       who loves you.

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