Thursday, 15 October 2015

15th October 1935 - Mary to Terrick



Dearest Ticky

I am sitting on the floor in Miss Olsson's room waiting for the kettle to boil on her gas-ring - as I am in dire pain & feel it would be wise to bathe my arm.  It is sill they way I get these things in awkward places.

I wanted to write to you yesterday, but couldn't gather my wits together enough to start.  I've got such a lot to talk about, and I do love you so very much and it would be so nice to have getting married to look forward to - but I suppose I can't talk about it all here, and I can wait until I see you tomorrow.

Did you get that booklet of flats for me? - and have you got lots & lots of jobs at £400 p.a. offered you?

I know it's very silly wanting to get married so badly - specially as I said I wouldn't until I was 25! - and of course I do, in my heart of hearts, realize it would be quite out of the question until we'd got £350 - £400 a year.  But it's all your fault I'm so excited about it - and there's no harm in working it out and pretending - is there?

It was lovely on Sunday - thank you so much for it - It was the sort of day I can always look back on hen I want something specially nice to think of.

The children were very good on Monday & we all enjoyed Cadby Hall - Mummy & Jill came too which made it nicer - but I was very tired in the evening - & missed my B.D.L. class, as I was alone in the house until 8.15.

I do hope it's lovely at the Dorchester this evening - thank goodness we hadn't arranged anything together for tonight - as I couldn't have gone because of my arm.

I've just got a good plot for a play I must tell you tomorrow a propos of conversations overheard this evening.

Tomorrow I am lunching with Mummy, Jill, Auntie Marianne & Helen Attlee at Derry & Toms - I don't know whether we shall do anything afterwards, but I'll be at Nevern Place by 6 anyway  plus knitting!

Darling - I'm very very sorry I'm such a hussy - of course I know it's wrong - but it seems to be one of those things which is wrong in theory - but exonerates itself in practice.  The one thing that really haunts me, is the fear of shocking you so much that you'll never love me any more - and I think perhaps every time you say we mustn't, something inside me gets a bit - just a little bit - frightened - especially when I feel it's been my fault.

- Very dearest dear - just at the moment I really velieve I love you too much ever to do anything you thought was wrong.

- So keep me good!


    Mary Pleasant

P.S. Shall certainly vote Conservative - heard odious Labour man expounding coarse views in low and vulgar manner - I think dignity counts for a lot in this world (of the right kind)

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