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18th November 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

18th November 1935


How did you get on at the first rehearsal?  And how did Mrs Amor behave?

This evening I brought home the Titling Outfit and have been playing with it like a child.  There is all the necessary for making black lettering on white backgrounds and white lettering on black backgrounds, which is much better.  I made on title, white on black:




I am dying to make them and photograph them.  Darling, having had to pay for it I am rather broke.  Would it be enough for your family if we went to see "The March of Time" at the theatre, and spent the rest of the time making titles for our films.  We can't actually photograph them till I get the right electric bulbs but we could decide what ones we want and how to word them.

Darling, on Saturday afternoon I want to go to a show of Amateur films at the Exhibition of Kinematography at the Royal Photographic Society, Russell Square.  Would you like to come.

Also, I have received a notice of the Brondesbury Ciné Society's public show.  Do come with me to that on either the 6th, 7th or 8th December.

Today I had lunch with Paul.  His descriptions of life in Eno's made me laugh, it is so totally different from the mean, cheese-paring way in which the Poly treats its staff.  I am lunching with him again on Wednesday.

Today we had a Reunion Conference and nearly everything is fixed for all the Reunion concerts.

I expected Renny round this evening but he hasn't turned up yet.

You and I are invited to tea at the Paul Corboulds' on Sunday.  Can we go?  It would be great fun.  I am dying to see their flat.

Apropos of that, we can't possibly get married this summer, because we shan't have the money for furniture or honeymoon.  Brenda had a suite of bedroom furniture, but the rest of it cost Paul £65.  The honeymoon would cost another £50.  The actual ceremony would be about £5 for me, apart from new clothes.  Possess your soul in patience, dear, a little while, and we'll do it without hampering the deed itself with money cares.  They will come fast enough later.

It makes me smile to remember how whenever I said how impatient I was to get married, you said you wouldn't marry me in any case for - at first - five years, then three years; and now, though you can't be more impatient than I am, you want it immediately regardless of the consequences.  Remember, I told you you would.

It is bitterly cold this evening.  Thank heaven, I don't have to go to any more music hall shows.  We are not having any of the turns you saw at Grosvenor House, but we are getting Lloyd Shakespeare to provide the Western Brothers.  There is still just a possibility that we shall have his band.

Mary dear, I must stop now.  I have got to write about shirt collars, & answer two adverts.

I love you very much, and all my thoughts and energies are directed towards the day when we shan't have to say "Good-night".

Your loving


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