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17th June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

17th June 1936

My Darling Mary,

I think an equally useful and less difficult problem than that of rejuvenation for prolonging life would be an invention to do away with the necessity for sleep.  It maddens me to think that I waste seven or eight hours every day doing nothing when I have such a lot to do.  I don't remember ever having read of any attempt to discover such a thing.

Nowadays I am really living for the first time.  Life must have been a stagnant affair before you loved me and I joined the Communist Party.  I am about as happy, I suppose, as it is possible for anyone to be, but at the same time I am too occupied to think whether I am enjoying myself or not.

If only I could be rid of the Poly & free from the necessity of wasting my time earning my living!  You see I am never content: saying one minute that I am perfectly happy, and the next minute wishing for something far off. But it is part of the happiness.  We should be miserable without wishes.  To get married is another.

I do wish 22nd June activities didn't clash.  I should like you to come to our dance, and I should like to see your final performance.

I rang up Renny about Saturday but he was not in.  I have asked him to ring me.  I don't think I can afford it because I want to take advantage of not being able to go to Dunally this week-end to buy a film and start my housing picture.  Could you come up in the afternoon and help me, have supper here & then come to the New Victoria with me?

By the way, do you know that your mother is ill?  I have written to her.  What do you think she would like, I should like to send her something.  She has the same thing as Jack apparently.  He told me about it.

This morning I got a letter form Vera congratulating me on my engagement - She says that you look lovely by your photo in the Morning Post! (Evidently it is being passed round.) I personally don't think one can get the slightest idea from it what you look like.

Vera has been "writing frantically these last few months", and has sold three stories and a sketch and has requests for more, so she is going off to Jamaica on the proceeds.  She is going by a different line from Mrs Ormo, from Liverpool.

Renny has just rung up.  He is not very keen on going to Dulwich either.  Apparently he had a very good time at this dinner and dance at which he deputised for me, by getting off with the new secretary of the English-Speaking Union and with another girl who didn't belong to their party.  She rang him up today, but he has "thought better of it" and instructs the office to say he is out!

He and I have just been asked to a sherry party by the same people at Wimbledon but can't get out there in time.

I hope you feel better now.  I can assure you it is your imagination.

From Monday onwards I am to deal direct with Ashe over my complaints - He says he prefers to work with me because I am quicker than anyone else in the firm at picking things up and don't have to take long notes!!  Needless to say he didn't say this to me.  Stonelake passed it on to me.  It will now be up to me to shine. I get on well with Ashe although I dislike him.

On Saturday 11th July Dean & Dawson are having an outing to Maidenhead & have asked the Poly to join them, so a few of us are going.  I have booked two seats for us.  Let me know if there is any snag so that I can let them know.  Once we get to Maidenhead I believe we can do what we like.

Goodbye, my love.  Write & let me know what time to expect you on Saturday.

Terrick  XXX

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