Sunday, 26 June 2016

26th June 1936 - Mary to Terrick


My Very Own Dearest Dear - I am afraid my late nights are beginning to tell - I have had to stifle yawns all today.  Thank you so much for your dear letter - I'm not sure it didn't make me blush - and I'm quite certain it made my heart beat faster!  but I felt a bit selfish all the same keeping you out of bed just to say nice things to me! - & I suppose you've only had a bath bun for lunch today because of the stamp.  So it's really my fault you're so bony!  But I'll make it up to you one day.

It went very well again last night.  Perhaps not quite as well as Wednesday - but the family enjoyed it & we all went in to Grannie's for tea afterwards, which was nice - Miss X too.  The weather looks as if it would do for us tonight - if we do play I shall probably catch double pneumonia on the grass all that time!

Ralph asked if you couldn't join the bathing party from 5-7 tomorrow - but I said I thought it would be too much of a rush for you.  Mummy says Jack is taking the car to a party & will pick us up at 11.p.m. I bet he's late.  I think Andy is coming tonight.

It's very nice of you to cut the meeting on Sunday for me.  Are you sure it's principally correct?   But I suppose it's really only because you simply must go next weekend?

Mummy told me she was going to Aunt M's on Tuesday.

I must stop now & take the children to Rounders.  Thank goodness it's Friday.  Miss X says I must have breakfast in bed tomorrow! Whoopee! Several people have said ours has more life in it that the O.U.D.S. production.  I'm longing to see the paper tomorrow.

All my love, darling - it seems years since I kissed you properly.


Mary Pleasant xxx

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