Wednesday, 22 June 2016

22nd June 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

22nd April 1936

Petootie Darling, 

Our hand is being forced.  Renny came round to-day and tells me that when he went to supper with Aunt Mildred they talked about us and it came out the parents hadn't written to your mother, & she told him she was going to write.  Thinking it over I am not sure that I want her to.  It is rather going behind M & D's backs. I haven't been able to phone them today but will tomorrow about the show on Sunday.  I'll tell them then what I have decided.  It is very sweet of her.  She also talked of inviting your mother up.

This evening I went to see my queer client.  Although she arranged to see me just after six she wasn't in herself till nearly seven, & then she talked & talked & talked the most queer stuff.  The poor woman is absolutely an object of pity.  She admitted that she went to Blankenberge to recover from a nervous breakdown.  It was like listening to a Dostoevsky character raving quietly. Her talk was so mixed that it was almost unintelligible.  She has two obsessions: that people don't want her, and that men are always trying to seduce her.  She would still be talking but I got up in the middle of a sentence and said I would report all she had told me to our head office.  I started by explaining matters to her but she couldn't understand anything just branched away onto something different, so after listening to her for half an hour I said I would report her remarks to H.O. & came home to a half cold supper.

It was a lovely week-end.  I hope you haven't caught flu from going near Jill.

I can't see the point of your mother's insurance idea.  Of course I won't draw out any of my bonuses because if I die first you will suffer financial loss & will want the insurance money - the only reason I got insured; but if you died first it wouldn't mean any financial loss (the only kind of loss and insurance can put right) to me.  Unless our children were just at the age when they still needed a woman to look after them it would be sheer profit.  So why should I get any insurance money.  Certainly you should draw out all the bonuses to which you were entitled, if you needed them.  I can't see the point of insuring you at all.  It is just waste of money.  If she settled the premium amount on you, it would be some independent pin money for you, so that you could buy clothes I didn't like.

I must stop now It is twenty past eleven.  Sleep well, or rather, by the time you get this letter, work hard.

Lots of Love & lots of kisses


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