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16th July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

16th July 1935

My Darling Mary,

Here is your book of instructions.  I spoke about the light flare and the man recommended me to bring the camera back.  will you be seeing your family? & will they be seeing Andrew.  If so he could get it to me some time this week so as to be sure it will be ready by the 27th.

I took the resistance to Selfridge to have the switch unjammed & was told it will take about ten days.

Last night I wrote some more of "Minter's Conscience".  i have now done eight pages.  It is hard to think enthusiastically when it is so hot.

Today I wrote to our Assmanshausen rep & asked him to reserve our rooms & let me know what excursion he would be running that afternoon.

When I came home on Monday I found a picture postcard of the Bastei from Jack waiting for me.  He wrote it on the steamer going up the Rhine & posted it in Andernach.  He had lunch in Cologne at the same place as we all there had it last year.

I wish I had sisters who were married in other parts of the continent.  It would make for variety.  Perhaps Jill will get off with a Rittengentsbisitzer (?) in Spain & then we can go out & stay with her.

It has been lovely weather for the Spithead Review.  A lot of our staff were there.

I have just asked for Aunt Mildred's number to say that Renny & I can dine there on Monday.

My grey suit and my flannel trousers have just come back from the cleaners, so I shall be pretty presentable for our holiday.  Can't you bring Jill's riding togs.  they might come in handy.  Eileen is quite fit now & will probably want her own more than she did last year.

Renny has just come round so I'll stop.  He has brought two of his Darmier Cu (?) photographs.  They are marvellous.  I think I shall go there.

All love

from your
                  Terrick    XXX

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