Friday, 3 July 2015

3rd July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

3rd July 1935

My Darling Mary,

Sorry I couldn't be at Twickenham this evening.  I only got here at 7.15 so there was no chance of getting a bite to eat and reaching Twickenham before the show as about a quarter over.

You will presumably have seen Inge and heard the latest news: that she is going to the Guildhall with Renny on Friday!  It will be interesting for her as the Duke of Gloucester is going to be there.

This evening Renny came round and we played a game of his called "L'Attaque" that we used to play during the war.  I hear jack has asked Renny down on Sunday, so if any of last Sunday's shots are bad we shall be able to re-take - I suppose the Lingwoods will turn up again.

I have written to Eileen about having us.  I ought to have looked first to see whether there was a party going out to Berlin that weekend, but there is pretty sure to be.

I went to another second-hand photographic shop to-day, Wallace Heaton's of Bond St; they have that 21/- set of lenses for 8/6! I may buy them on my own on Friday.

I retyped the first page of "the Slug" this evening, leaving out "to unburden my heart", also I finished counting the words.  There are 6,383.  I'll send it off tomorrow.  I would re-type the last page and type the title-page tonight, but as soon as I started typing the wretched female who is going up for the exam pushed up her window ostentatiously, so I'll do it as soon as I come in tomorrow.

In about a fortnight's time I shall have to go round the country booking halls for next year's Reunions.  The are starting a month earlier this year, in January instead of February.  I hope I shall have succeeded in getting the job I want by then.

Mr May said he thought he saw you on a bus going to Barkins about a fortnight ago but on looking closer her "found facial differences".

My last dance of the season tomorrow, thank goodness!  Next week I shall start my new short story.  It's a great life, but it'll be considerably greater when I have shaken off the trammels of the Poly and got a job where I can spend all day at the job I like.

I must stop now or I'll miss the post.  Do I need to spend pages telling you in so many words that I love you and how much when if you can read between the lines every sentence I write tells you that I have one thought pervading all others: that I adore you and have in the middle of even my most egoistic ambition the enduring aim of marrying you.

We take each other rather more for granted now, like  baby that has learned to walk forgets the thrill of being able to do it; but a bit of absence or a spot of bother and we immediately find that we need each other. [Generally I only speak for myself when it comes to thoughts; it shows a fair advance for me to talk in the plural].

All my heart and all the love in me wherever it is really situated.

Love Terrick

Do at least half a lesson of German before Saturday.

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