Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July 1935 - Terrick to Mary

10th July 1935

Darling Mary,

Ten past nine - I have just got back form work & shouldn't be back yet if I wasn't afraid of missing Jack who is calling here for his tickets.  It was the same time last night.

Last night I started re-writing "Minter's Conscience", the story I told you about once in the train from Waterloo to Shepperton.  But I was too tired to do much.  I'll go on a bit to-night.  I think it is just the right sort of story for a newspaper.

Unless a special case is made for me tomorrow Germany is off for me.  We have had trouble with our man in Cologne and Ashe has said that if there is no party for Berlin or only a few, the conductor must go with the Assmaushausen clients all the way.  You remember how, last year, I had to see those people onto different trains at Cologne.

So as there is no Berlin party on the 27th and only 4 people on the 3rd August I can't go to Berlin.  However Stonelake is speaking to Ashe about it tomorrow & he may make a special case for me, thought I doubt it as I believe the official announcement of the new rule has already been issued & clients will be expected to be conducted all the way to Assmanshausen.

If I can't go to Schwaneburg I shall either go home or to Fort William, probably home.  Then I'll pay my debts & my income tax and be able to start all square after it.  it is a great disappointment though.

When I got back here on Monday I found waiting for me the letter you wrote me on Friday.  It must have got held up.

Yesterday I had lunch with Inge & Jack at the Cumberland Corner House

Gosh it is hot!

Interval for taking off coat

Do write & tell me all about your county court experiences.  Did you have to swear on the Bible?  And did you leave without a stain on your character - or with an endorsement on your license?

Darling, can you be at the Garrick Theatre to-morrow at about 7 p.m.?  If you can get there before & put two stools do, but I can't see any possibility of my finishing work before 6.45 at the earliest as I have to deal with practically all the "complaints" now.

If you are going to be up in town in the afternoon will you give me a ring & let me know if this is all right for you.

I think I'll stop now & try and get a cold bath before Jack comes - I am sitting here with the "glow" dripping off my forehead - and I want to get some more of "Minter's Conscience" done tonight.

Goodnight, darling & consider yourself kissed.

All my love


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