Friday, 25 March 2016

25th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Dearest Dear, 

Absolutely up to my eyes in everything, as it's our "Open Day".  We had quite a number of people round this morning - and even more this afternoon - So I've had to phone Mummy to say I can't go home to tea as I said I would - because I'm needed here.  I haven't had anybody in to my lessons yet, because Wednesday I don't take many.  But Patricia had heaps!  It's all very amusing - but we shall be dead after the parents meeting this evening.  Grannie is coming in tomorrow & Mummy may too.  We met her on Monday - looking most blooming and brown - having had a wonderful time - & feeling much better.  She received a very nice letter from Ren. but didn't get yours, or some from Jack.  She has asked Ren. & you down for weekend - as we're having a tea-party on Sunday afternoon - So when you get back will you remind Ren. he's coming, as I don't know his number - he's expected on Sat. afternoon.  I told him to expect you & me to supper - as we were going to the Ideal Home Exhibition.  She has taken some ciné films - so I hope they'll be ready by next weekend.  The projector is at home, isn't it?

I'm longing for Friday - what do you want to see most?  Because as it's your birthday you'll have to choose.  - There's "Things to Come", "Modern Times" or "M'liss" at the Curzon (which I don't know anything about.) - or there may be something else - I don't care what we see.

I've been happier about you all this week than I've ever been before in my life - Love is usually so wonderful because it makes you so miserable - and you worry such a lot  - and can't settle to anything.  But the weekend was so perfect - especially Sunday, from Shepperton Station onwards (not forgetting my welsh-rarebit!) that it seems as if everything has gone right all this week.  It's a very peaceful feeling - and much, much nicer than any other ind of "love" I've every had.  I'm quite and perfectly happy - and i hope it'll go on for a long, long time - But I know the other kind will have to come back one day.

Shall I come to the office on Friday at 5.45? - Mummy hasn't given me my money yet - so would you mind waiting for your best present until next week?  Because I'll give you just the cinema & something to eat on Friday.  I'm sorry I can't manage both.

Oh - darling, I love you so much and so well - How is Manchester?

- Perhaps you could ring me between 6-7 on Thursday - or any time on Friday? - just so I know you've got back safely.

- All my love

Mary   xxx

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