Thursday, 17 March 2016

17th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick

The Old Vicarage School

March 17th

Dear Ticky

It was horrible leaving you on Sunday evening - and I'm so glad it's tomorrow I'm seeing you , and not as far away as Thursday.  I suppose it is a bit silly of us to break out into an 8/6 dance with etcs - when we should both enjoy supper together and a 2/6 picture quite as much - or even more - and it would have been much too late for me to have been able to teach adequately on Friday morning.

I have written to the Albert Hall to know if I can have an interview tomorrow afternoon - but the notice may be too short. 

I had a letter from Mummy yesterday saying she will be home on the 24th or 25th - next week!! - so it puts quite a different light on my weekends! - Only one more.  She seems to be having a wonderful time there - something planned for every day.  She has taken a lot of ordinary photographs - but can't buy any cinĂ© ones - frightfully disappointing.  But a man she met thought he had some which he would post to her - so she may have managed to take some.

Next Saturday evening I've got to go to Joan's birthday party - curse it - and I said I'd try and see Jack now in the Head of the River race at Putney in the afternoon - would you like to come too? - or will you be busy?

- Have you seen Paul yet about going to dinner with him? - I wish we could arrange it for next Sunday - because I shall have to be at home on the one after  (which was the one I suggested).  Couldn't you ask him? (or would it be rude?).

- I'm sorry this is so questiony - but I haven't got any news - and I've got a spotty face and am going to bed early.

- If I'm not at the office by 5.45 tomorrow I'll be at Nevern Place. - Be thinking about what you want for a birthday present.

All my love for always

Mary Pleasant     xxx

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