Thursday, 10 March 2016

10th March 1936 - Mary to Terrick


My dearest dear - I hope you get this safely, so that you're not disappointed when (perhaps!) you ring me upon Tuesday and find I'm not in.  You see Mrs Sunley has invited me to go down with them to Cambridge to the A.D.C. Theatre to see "Julius Caesar" (with dinner at "The Union") - so it seems too good to miss.

How did Bristol go?  I'm longing to hear all the news - and, darling, I'm so sorry I didn't get my bedside Book out for you - but when you said it would be nice to read in the train I didn't realize you meant on your long train journey - of course I could have got it out for you, I'm so sorry.

Today I phoned Mr Bernays who was in a great hurry & told me he had a christening next Sat. & would probably have the mattins man to lunch on Sat - so I said I was afraid I should be far too much of a responsibility if I stayed the night - so could you & I come down to tea on Sunday instead - He said "just jot down what you're going to do on a p.c. and let me know".  So I think it's best left at that.  But that means Saturday's free - so we could still go to Paul's to dinner if you let him know - or I was wondering if perhaps you could tell Aunt Mildred Mr Bernays has an engagement and can't have me until Sunday - so could I go to her - as I've nowhere else to go? (Or can't you do things like that in your family?) - But it would be lovely because I could probably get Sat. morning off - & we could leave after lunch on Sun together for Finchley. (I'm sure Aunt Mildred wouldn't mind your asking if you explained!)

Had a p.c. from Ren. saying he can't come on Wed. as he's going to song recital with D. Cowan or somebody - but it was funny yesterday when I arrived at Richmond station at 10.50p.m. - who should I run into but "Enid" - with tall handsome lad leading her by the arm into the train - apparently going home - she didn't recognise me - but by the angle of her hat & general bearing - I should say poor old Ren. hasn't much of a chance!  wasn't it a coincidence! I wonder if she told him about it!

Must stop as have promised to do an hour's work with Miss X.

Have a nice time at Leeds!

(Perhaps you could just write me two lines now?  Or phone me just before one on Wednesday?) - But it doesn't really matter.

I love you so much - & Sunday & Saturday were wonderful - let me know about Paul - or Aunt Mildred.

All my love


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