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13th March 1936 - Letter to Terrick from his father



March 13th 1936

My dear Terrick

I have been too busy to write before.  We were naturally interested to hear that you are announcing your engagement to Mary.  Well you ought to know your own mind by now I admit and she seems to be a very nice girl as far as we know her.  I do doubt the wisdom of long engagements as as there is no prospect of your being able to marry for a long time why tie yourselves up irrevocably.  You may both or one of you change your mind and an engagement is a difficult thing to break.  I know of a couple that have been engaged for twelve years who show no signs of getting married though they could do so perfectly well now, but, I think are just afraid to break the engagement for fear that the other one will sue for breach of promise.  So both their lives are being ruined.  However it is not my business, you are of age and it is your life not mine:  I only give you the benefit of my experience which is that if marriage is not  in view within at least a couple of years then an announced engagement is a mistake.  Good luck to you both.

Your affectionate father

Victor C A FitzHugh

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