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2nd March 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place                  Bodil's number is Paddington 0347

2nd March 1936

My Own Mary Pleasant, 

It is 11.05.  For about ¾ of an hour I have been writing to your mother.  I only left the Office at ten to nine.  So I am afraid that this letter can't be very long if you are to get it tomorrow morning.  

At lunch time I was waiting for Alec Smith outside Flemings, when who should go past but Bodil!  She got back from Garmisch two days ago, after going to Berlin and seeing Eileen and Herbert there.  She can meet us on Sunday afternoon but the question is where? and what shall we do.  for once I miss the English-speaking Union.  Can you suggest another day?  Wednesday is no good for her.

I have told your mother that if she takes several films of Jamaica we will edit them into one and get her to record a running commentary onto a record.  Selfridges do it for 2/6 at time.  As long as she doesn't refer too closely to the picture the slight variations in timing that will sometimes occur between the film and the record will not matter.  Can't you see it bringing the house down at parties?

I am engineering to reserve a third of a box for you, Paul and Brenda and perhaps a partner for you.  Rutland, Wild and I (the Reunion Dept) have had all the work and I think we should have the first choice of any seats that are going.  Of course if all the other boxes are sold and there is demand for another I can't turn away money from the firm.  Anyhow I have bought a ticket for you in the stalls which you can use if the worst comes to the worst.  

Mr Ashe saw the place on my lip and said I had a cold.  I mustn't be laid up for the Reunion so I was to go out and get Glegg's something or other and Armstrong's Influenza mixture.  The first I must stick up my nose every two hours till the Reunion and the second I must take ever three hours!  He is an ass.  I have bought Armstrong's mixture, but I can't get the other.

Darling, I must stop now.  And I have not had time to say, except between the lines, how much I love you.  I love you more than anyone in the word.

Yours Terrick

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