Tuesday, 8 September 2015

8th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Sunday Morning

- This is perfect - and yet it is the most harassing experience I've ever had!

Darling, I hate it.  If I was some nice ordinary person with lots of matter of fact common sense, it wouldn't worry me at all.  I should just think "This is where I met Terrick - Whoopee!" - But it isn't a bit like that.  I can't walk downstairs - I can't sit in the hall - or walk down the steps to the town - without thinking of you.  Not the you I know now but the nice clean looking Poly rep I first met on the Station platform.

I stood by the fire in the hall at about 11. last night and looked at the glass partition and the table where you showed us the map -  & the stairs where old Lubitch came down & called you "Fitz" (there's another one of her brand here now) and where you sat while Nora & I told you what to do for your bad ankle!

I recognise the Howes but of course they don't remember me.

There are about 40 typical Ploy Clients here now - and sundry others.  Paul gave a cinema show last night (better than yours!) - and they all made the same remarks & laughed in the same places!

Paul wasn't here when we arrived - & as you didn't tell him how many we were going to be he couldn't do anything about rooms.  But we've got very nice ones.  2nd floor, overlooking the front.  Mummy likes everything very much.  (It's all much nicer than when we were here before!)

Paul has got the most beautiful new rust red Harris Tweed coat with Stag's horn buttons - from your plus four shop - it's lovely!  You must get your next plus four suit from here too - they smell so nice (when you've got past the petrol!)

Paul's brother Peter is up here for 2 weeks too - he's a very nice lad.  He goes home with Paul next week.  Paul's longing for it.

I was a bit disappointed not to find a letter from you when I got here - we had hundreds from everybody else.  But I thought perhaps Leeds had prevented you - & perhaps I'll get one tomorrow.

We had a lovely drive yesterday.  The best we've had.  We left Pitlochry at 11. & turned off the main road over Killicrankie down to Kinlock Rannock - you can't get through over Rannock Moor - so we turned back through Struan onto the main road again through the Pass of Drumochter and across the most perfect heather moors on a cart track to Lock Laggan and onto Spean Bridge.  I was quite happy and enjoying everything until I got to Spean Bridge - and ever since then you have been eclipsing everything I do and think.  It's a very nice feeling - but it has no end - it's simply bottled up inside because nobody else understands.

Something's the matter with the car breaks - so it's in the garage & we shan't be able to go to Mallaig - But I don't want to very much.  I'll go with you one day and it'll be much nicer.  This afternoon we're going across the Loch - & walk up opposite. (Mummy says hasn't it got a name - & I said you'd tell her what it was when we got home!)

She will have to stroll along the bottom because of her asthma - & Flip too, I think, because of his cough.  So I can see myself striding up through the heather accompanied solely by harassing memories of your and Norah! - Oh, gosh, I am a fool - but I do want you here so badly, Scotland isn't Scotland without someone who can tell you the names of mountains - and stories of Prince Charlie and buried treasure!

We had a p.c. from Andy yesterday to say the Evening Standard has accepted his "Uncharted Creek" and are giving him £10-10 for it!!  It's marvellous isn't it?  I'll buck him up tremendously.

We shall be home next Friday at about 6. I should think.  Couldn't you possibly - possibly get Sat morning off & come home to Friday supper? - I can't wait, dearest, until I see you again - there's such a lot to talk about.  I wish we were coming home sooner.

Have you heard anything of "Edwy"? - & has Digby's mother passed away yet?

- Must go out and walk somewhere - it's a perfect Highland morning - just the kind you love best.  Never mind - we've got lots more time & life's a very great one!

All my love



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