Friday, 4 September 2015

4th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick


                      MANAGER 2272

Wednesday 8.30

Dearest Dear - 3 minutes was too much for me - but it was very nice - just to know you were sitting in your room at Earls Court thinking about me.  We must certainly make Pool's Hotel tomorrow because of my letter - but it's a tremendous strain driving all day - although I enjoy a certain amount of it tremendously.  A whole day going nowhere on Sunday at Fort William will be wonderful.  And Wensley tomorrow will make me think of you so much that it will hurt.

I've got a streaming cold and G.G.W. (God's gift to women) is upon me in full force - five days before the 8th you notice! (excuse my vulgarity).

Just had a wonderful dinner here - lovely place - most rumous.  I recognised the cinema where we saw "the Constant Nymph" - oh, perfect days!

- Darling I love you more than ever - & will write you a nice letter from F.W. (our F.W.)


Your Mary Pleasant

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