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11th & 12th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick

The Old Nag's Head!


Dearest, Dearest, Dear - isn't it strange that, because we love each other so much, we can hurt each other ten thousand times more than anyone else.  I rushed straight out when I got here at 6.0 and got your letter - then I rushed back, locked myself in Peter (a very nice one) - and read it with my ehart thumping up and down and a pain somewhere in the region of my diaphragm.  - Darling - darling - don't hurt yourself over me any more.  Directly I heard you say it was all right over the 'phone yesterday evening - nothing else in this world seemed to matter - and today the hills and lakes and sun look as they've always looked - and I drove like Jehu along the arterial roads with loads and loads lifted off my inside, because I could think of the "you" in London who loved me, and hadn't really meant to hurt me quite so deep down inside - and I could think of the deep, deep longing (much deeper than any hurst could ever go) I had for you and how every hour now was bringing us back together again.

I burnt your letter, dearest heart, most melodramatically, with a Swan Vestas match - it was the first letter of yours I was glad to see go - and there will always be one step leading down from the Highland Hotel that will make me feel a little sick as I remember how one of the most beautiful mornings Fort William has ever seen suddenly blew out - and I hated you for being so unjust - for exactly 25 hours.  I find you can hate a person just because you love them so much - and also that "love" magnifies little thing so tremendously that it can be very dangerous.

We must be careful and tread warily on dangerous places - and we must swear together  ever to write a letter without thinking twice.  I'm just as bad as you are in this - or even worse - so I shall have to be extra careful.

We've had a lovely day - I must come back to the Lake District one day - the mountains look a bit easier than Scotch ones! - and the scenery was wonderful in teh early morning sun.  We came through Windermere and down to look at the Old England Hotel, Bowness (not forgetting Langdale Chase in passing!!) - it's strange how this holiday has brought in such a lot of you - every road I've ever been along with you in Wensley, Fort William, Windermere - seems earmarked for the stirring of my emotions! (the "strong" ones that cause me to be so rude at times!)

I didn't tell you that Paul to Mummy & I along "The Road to the Isles" on Sunday - did I? It was a boiling hot, sunny afternoon - and we got as far as Glenfinnan for tea.  The road further on is too bad for the car - but you must take me one day, because I always feel as if it belongs to you!  Before starting off I went across the loch and back to take  bit of film - I came back all alone with McClean (?) - & he posed for me to take a photograph of him! - and we talked about you! - I'll tell you all about it on Friday.  It was funny. 

Mummy liked the Highland Hotel very much indeed - and Paul was a dear to us - and so was Major (?) Howe - he called me "Miss Ormiston" - and fussed around!  I love going there because I find I can swank a bit! - Peter Corbold & I had a very stimulating game of draughts instead of listening to a Shakespeare recital in the Ball Room!

Gencoe was magnificent!  I remembered every inch of the way - except that I'd saved my last exposure for Mummy to take me on your rock by the mausoleumish building going up Loch Levan - and I missed it.  I knew the place where it should be but the little gate's not very noticeable is it? - and I wasn't feeling too keen that morning anyway!  We got out & looked at the clear water under the bridge near the entrance to Glencoe and drove along the old road past the wall of the Inn where I took the photograph - and one to our mountain!  I'm afraid the thought of my nice little rep. - with his blue button dragging us up that very slope and telling us to be careful of the "scree" put our feet where our hands were, was too much for my "strong" emotions then - and I'm afraid the drips off my nose at the foot of my first mountain last Monday morning were purely, and sentimentally, "heart-broken" ones!  Mummy took some photographs there thought - and I've brought a bit of rock back for the rockery from the stream at the bottom.  Rannoch Moor was magnificent and another place I'd like to stay at was Cranloch - it looked perfect.  Oh - will you tell me lots about places when I get back (Paul was awfully hot on dates and statistics!)

The Hazel Dene last night was one of the nicest places we've been to - and we had a lovely front room - although Flip was in the annex (Paul had written them a p.c.). - It was funny your mentioning the rep there.  Is his name Kaye?  I heard them discussing him this morning - and he seems to have been annoying everybody by arguing when he had never been to the places he was holding forth on - I was going to tell you - but you seem to know already!

Today we also came through the Mersey Tunnel (for Flip) after a crack-up lunch at the Midland - Morecombe.  We haven't wanted anything to eat since & Flip wants to become "Maitre de Hotel" in a place just like it!  I left my ring there (curse it) but they're going to post it on.

- Tonight we're being economical - so have come to "Ye Old Nag's Head" built 1571!! - We've been to the pictures (Love Affair of a Dictator) and have been settled in bed for nearly an hour.  Mummy wants to turn out light, so will finish this tomorrow.

- I love you, darling, so much that it seems wrong to be away from you for such a long time - only 2 more days.



I am sending the cine film with this for you to take to Selfridges.  It's not very good I'm afraid, because I don't know how or when to alter the lens yet.  Do you think you could get my ordinary film done for the weekend?

Did I tell you Norah wanted you to propose the toast of the bridesmaids at the wedding?  Do you mind?  They don't seem to have anybody else sensible - except Jack - but Norah didn't suggest him.

Today we are going down via Shrewsbury & Evesham to Moreton-in-the Marsh for the night. - The White Hart - where we stayed last year - but Mummy likes Gloucestershire so much - so tomorrow we shall practically come back the way we started off - but may stop & pick blackberries on the way.  Mummy suggested you & I went blackberrying again for her on Sunday - but I feel us going off twice together in the car would leave the family in a riot!

Jill is having a very good time although she was sick the whole journey over - in the boat -& in the car at the end - & her new hat blew out of the window!

Flip's whooping cough is a little better - but we've got to keep him away from the Lingwood boys when we get home - he has had a bad week, poor chap!

My cold is better - & Mummy & I have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I must stop & drink my early morning tea (I'm still in bed).

All my love - (this is rather a silly letter too)


Mary Pleasant  xxx

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