Sunday, 27 September 2015

27th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

Sept. 27th 1935

- Very dearest dear - I have nothing much to write about as is somewhat natural, but I feel I owe you the 140th - and this is the only way I can relieve my feelings in moments of stress, not that I'm in a "moment of stress" at the moment - but I may be before Sunday at 7., so I'm taking a precaution!

I have just had a lovely bath and put on this week's clean clothes as I'm going up to school tomorrow.  It's nearly dinner time.  Our new cook doesn't come here till the end of next week so Miss Olsson & I are going to cook the dinner one day next week!

I'm going to give Flip one of those 5/- Brownie cameras for his birthday - if you want to give him something small as we're going out with him on Tuesday - he'll want a film for it - or if you gave him a seat for a cinema he'd love it. (I'm only trying to be helpful!)

It's after supper now.  

Miss O. & myself had planned to go to "David Copperfield" but Miss X came in and started on the timetable which sends us all crazy and wears Miss X's nerves to shreds.  She suggested changing my full day to Monday - & I jibbed a bit - & she said I was inconsiderate - having every Saturday & Sunday off - & we all got a bit peeved but it's fixed up all right now.  Miss O & F. Hoppe went late to pictures.  Hasty P. went out & I settled stubbornly down to more timetable.  Miss X has just been in  made me feel all in the wrong by apologizing & offering me some grapes - & when I've posted this - I'm damn well going to bed!!  This week's been an eternity - & at the moment I feel too inefficient to stay here another!

I had a p.c. from Bernays this morning saying he's preaching away on Sunday evening - & would come to lunch - so it'll be easy to get away.  - also a letter from Miss Frost inviting me to tea with her at the American Tea to tell her all about Norah!

You haven't given me that letter for the customs yet.  Mummy will be champing soon - we'd better do it on Sunday.  Do remind me - because by the time Sunday evening comes & I can put my nose under your coat collar again, I shan't be responsible for my actions!

Its a great life! But I'm not sure that sometimes it's not much too great - it becomes so difficult to handle!

Dearest Heart, I love you fundamentally, sublimely, & ridiculously with all of me.

Yours - because you're you - Mary xxx

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