Sunday, 6 September 2015

6th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick

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Darling - We're in the funniest little place.  Very nice and homely - But it's very difficult to concentrate on this because 2 middleaged "Chewards" and 3 middleaged dour Scotch women and Mum are discussing Italy & Abyssinia!! Gosh - it's getting quite heated. - What do you think's going to happen? - Or how will it end?  It all seems to be getting so much closer just now.  Now they're on to Feisal & Lawrence. (The scotch accent is lovely)

Poor Flip has returned to bed.  I think he's got whooping cough but Mummy thinks he'll be all right in the morning.  I hope he's feeling better by the morning because they say here that the heather further on is magnificent - I'm longing for  it.  We ought to get to F.W. about tea time.

We've had a very good day today.  Starting off by going over Edinburgh Castle and the war memorial - all along Prince's Street and onto Stirling for lunch.  After Perth the road was lovely - we all longed for the mountains to start.  This is a lovely place - and we were very lucky getting straight into here - It's right up the hill looking over the Tay valley to hills.

It's a great day here tomorrow as they have highland sports there's a lovely fair down the hill belching forth smoke and raucous tunes now.

8 of us are sitting round the fire discussing scenery etc. and waiting for 10 o'clock tea, which they say generally arrives! (It's a very homely little place).

- I've been roaring with laughter at the old Scotch woman - she's magnificent!

We're now talking over the merits of Ralph Lynn and Jack Buchanan  The first cinema was opened here yesterday!

I must go to bed - but these people are so interesting.

Dearest, I wish so badly you were here. - but we'll come - one day we'll come both of us together - and look at these hills with heather - and talk with these people - and eat these scones and walk about in these tweeds! - When I'm getting a bit tired with driving on and on and on looking in front of me, I think of you - and me - doing things together - all the things I want to do, made perfect with you - 

Darlingest  I.L.Y.F.A.

Mary Pleasant

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