Saturday, 5 September 2015

5th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick


OFFICE 62210

Thursday 9.15pm

Darling - Thank you for your letter which I got more by luck than good management at 6.30 this evening.  I managed the 206 miles easily - although they turned into 230 by going down wrong roads! (lovely roads too!).

The Journey was magnificent the whole way - Mummy & Flip had never seen such scenery before - we missed Durham & Newcastle altogether - & went Richmond, Barnard's Castle - Alston - Brampton - Longtown - Selkirk - all along mountain roads with heather and sheep & no cottages for miles at a time.  We wanted to have tea at Galashiels but too the wrong turning - just like me!

We arrived here at 6.15 and found the way to Drumsheugh Gardens - but had to ask for Pool's as there was no name up - and it looked the most dowdy, untidy place when I went in - a grimy little maid with a red nose & a cold was the only person in - & she said Mr Bartlett had moved round the corner & there was no letter for me.  I started round the corner & she ran after me with your letter saying she'd found it on the table - so that bucked me up.  The place round the corner was better - but no room & Bartlett was out on a late tour.  So, as it was getting latish, we tried other places.  4 were full  - & this was the first decent one empty - & this is such a come-down after Harrogate that Mummy wishes we'd gone to one of the big ones! (I hope she'll be satisfied with the Highland).  Dinner tonight reminded me of 186 Haverstock Hill!  Flip & I went out afterwards to stretch our legs & walk down to Princes Street - where we bought some rock as a kind thought for you, & another we're sending to Jack.

We leave about 11.30 tomorrow for Stirling, Perth - with the night ( as you suggested) at Pitlochry or Blair Atholl - if we can get in.  And then on slowly to Fort William on Saturday - oh! I'm so excited - dearest, dearest dear - how I wish you were going to be with me - the hotel won't be the same without you - but one day you promise me we'll go together there - won't we?  The thrill of Wensley this morning was tremendous - Mummy thought it a wonderful place  -

Darling - my own very dearest dear - I must go to sleep - I'm dead to the world, but my cold is better.  You're so close to me always everywhere that anyone sensible would be quite content. - But I'd give my whole 8/6d - the ignition key & two hairgrips to kiss you, at this moment .


Mary   xxx

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