Wednesday, 9 September 2015

9th September 1935 - Mary to Terrick

This letter is in response to one which was destroyed upon receipt by Mary

You're a damn, damn silly fool - you don't care what you say - how much you hurt - or how you're upsetting everybody - as long as you get an explanation back by the next post.

- If you think twice you'd know perfectly well that you could trust me not to insult your parents.  Least of anybody in the world except you.  God knows how I go out of my way to get anybody who likes or belongs to you to like me - 

That Easter at Wensley they did like me - & I liked them - I would have done anything for your father, because he's just the kind of man I get on with.

I went to Wensley this time with the faintest of hopes that we might see him as we went through - I looked in all the cars we passed. - I drove as slowly as possible past the Rectory - I went into the church to show Mummy & we stood writing postcards by the car outside for nearly 20 minutes - & in the end I drove off thinking "well - I didn't really think I should see him but it would have been lovely if I had."  There wasn't a soul in the church when Mummy & I were there - only Flip went round the other side & says he just said good-morning to somebody when I asked him this morning.

It's one of the most unfortunate things that could have happened.  - Oh - when I think how I would have given anything to see him & he was there all the time - and then you to write the most damnable things in a letter because you didn't give yourself time to think.

I know it must have been an awful shock to hear all that from your father - but honestly we didn't see a single soul there - 

Oh - I can't go on explaining - it's made me feel so sick & I was so excited about getting a letter from you here.

- I know I'm rude sometimes to people who I don't like - I know you've told me of it heaps of times - but never, never as long as I live could I be rude to anybody who liked you -

Every other time you've complained about me you've been quite justified - but next time you accuse me of insulting your father - think a bit before you write it - and only put such things as you can take back afterwards.

- Fate does the most beastly things sometimes - but I wish she wouldn't interfere between you and me.

I'm sorry.


I shall be at 
Hazel Dene Hotel
The Heads

on Tuesday

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