Friday, 25 September 2015

25th September 1935 - Terrick to Mary

Marble Arch

25th September 1935


Last night I was too tired when I got back home at 10.15 to do anything except go to bed.  We had a fearful day.

Did I tell you that a letter was going out to clients asking them if they hadn't already let us have their criticisms to write them now?  An insane idea.  Well this letter went out on Monday, so yesterday we had 29 complaints - previous record 19.   So we were pretty hard put to it.

That is nothing to what we have today.  The complaints haven't been counted but they are somewhere around 50!

On Monday I went round the house where the meeting was supposed to be, & got no answer to my rings.  The place as in darkness so I came home.

The story-writing class is quite interesting.  The lecturer, Mr Dudeney, is not a good speaker but he talks a good deal of sense when he is coherent.  Perhaps I was too tired to make enough effort to understand him.

The class is a funny mixture.  Most of them look like Poly clients but there are one or two more interesting and authorly looking people.

I am not going to F.W., so I'll join the New Testament course for the whole time..

Have you seen "Sixteen".  I have 1/- tickets for 4/- seats at the Q Theatre next week.  Shall we go? What day is your day off?



I must stop now.  I want you to get this letter tonight if possible.

I love you.

Your Terrick


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