Wednesday, 26 August 2015

26th August 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Square

26th August 1935

My Darling Mary,

To wish you Bon Voyage!  Doesn't it sound odd when you're coming instead of going.

You seem to have had a wonderful time in Berlin.  I should think your summer holidays 1935 are the most varied & eventful you have had yet: Schwaneberg, Zehlendorf, the Lakes, & finally Home.  You are lucky!  Still, even my fortnight is the nicest I have ever had.

I don't expect I shall be able to have supper with the family unless they are prepared to have it after 8 o'clock.  I am working till 8pm tomorrow (Tuesday) & probably on Wednesday too.  Those stupid, helpless, ignorant fools, the Poly clients, are all sending in the most unreasonable complaints that in reality only show them up for the brainless, gutless, insular, vulgar sheep that they are.

My quarrel about Eileen was over her visit to England, nothing to do with me.  It always seems that when I quarrel it's over someone else.

The reason why the teeth wouldn't catch the film is that you didn't hold that little catch back in the absence of the bit of bus ticket (not blotting-paper).  I hope you stopped immediately it didn't catch (if it was in the middle of the film), otherwise the films are scratched like my Nice one.

I have never seen Günter spelt like that!

"Love" was probably a contributory cause of my being snappy.

Be careful with the exposure meter, won't you.  I wish I hadn't left you with the responsibility of it.

Oh, darling, I am looking forward to having you near me again!  You make more difference than I really like to admit to myself.

My next word to you will be on the platform at Victoria station.  In the meantime know that I love you, and that every mile - or every kilometre - you come nearer to me my heart will be beating faster to think of it; and tomorrow night in bed I'll think of you in the train (Don't let the Aumunds take you to Zoo Station; there are no corner seats left by the time the train gets to there).

Here are my blessings on the trains and the boat, even on the Poly clients who will be on the same service from Cologne onwards.

Till Wednesday evening, sweetheart.

Look after yourself.

All my heart


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