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16th August 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place
16th August 1935

My Darling, 

As I came back here late last night after dinner & a cinema with Mummy & Renny I saw a fat envelope lying on the hall stand.  Without waiting to take my key out of the lock I pounced on it & felt it's nice satisfying fatness.  I just remembered to shut the door, but not to take my keys out; so this morning I couldn't find them anywhere.  This evening, quite by chance, I discovered that someone coming in at about midnight had found the keyring in the door & had handed it in to Mrs Snook.

I find I miss you terribly.  In business I keep thinking of you, & of what we'll do when you come back.  I realise how nice and at peace in myself I was a Schwaneberg because you were there to turn to always.  Now my mind keeps wandering off to you & to dreams & memories of you because it knows that it can't just wait till I've finished what I'm doing & then express itself directly & naturally to you yourself.

When did you get my letter?  You said Frau Professor said: perhaps I hadn't had time to write.  When I first read it I thought she meant because I might be too busy doing other things.  Surely you didn't think that: because,  you know, I sat down & wrote to you at the first possible moment I could grab: Monday evening.  However when I read it a second time I thought perhaps she might mean: had I had time to get back to England & the letter to get back to you.

I enclose a form for getting registered Marks.  Please fill it all in except the amounts & I'll send you as much as possible.

I am not going to Dunally this weekend after all because my mother wants me to come for one of the next three week-ends to Bournemouth, and I can't go next weekend because I have got to do the Special Train at Folkestone, and I don't want to go the week-end after that because you will be here.

So I am going to go tomorrow.  My mother is treating me to it - in case you think I'm spending all my money on frivolity when you might need me to send more than I actually shall.  (I'll send a quid all right.)

I enclose the time-table this time.

The film went off by our conductor yesterday.  he may post it either in Assmanshausen or Berlin.  Have you had the other one developed yet?  I'm dying to know if it's good.  I have given one to Selfridge to be done.

Dinner with my mother was somewhat spoilt by another quarrel over Eileen.  However, we soon forgot it & enjoyed the film "Star of Midnight" (William Powell) very much together.

Renny has given Joan up.  He lent her £2 for which she gave him an I.O.U. (!) with a promise to pay on 15th August.  She now says she can't.  She has got another man, who is a sadist (one who enjoys inflicting pain).  He thrashes her with a rhinoceros hide whip, and makes her wear sandal when they go out to dinner or lunch together, so that he can trample on her feet under the table.  And she likes it.   Ugh, degenerate couple!  Renny has seen her sandals with blood on them.  She may of course be pulling Renny's leg, but I can quite believe it of her.

All this in confidence, of course.

This evening I got your card, for which thanks.  Don't give up swotting German.  You'll never have such a good opportunity again.

How, old thing, could I tell you in my last letter much "home news about Renny & Joan & the Office etc"?  I had only seen a very sleepy Renny sitting up in bed at 11.30 for about twenty minutes, & the Office - well, I didn't want to think much about the office after such a holiday & when I was writing to you.

Frau Aumand specially told me to take the "M" but & not "T".  She's crackers.

I'm glad you like "The Man Who Was Thursday".  I thought you would.  I must read it again.  I have already read it one & a half times.

My shaving mirror works very well, thanks.  My face is getting so like a baby's bottom that people look at me twice in the street.

I must stop now.  Mummy brought me two advertisements from "The Times" which I am going to answer.  I don't think I have written so many letters (business ones excepted) in my life as this week.  I hope Frau Professor has got my German one by now.

There is no good my sending this letter by airmail as it can't be delivered before Monday morning.

I.L.Y.V.M I.

Ich habe Dich lieb (same as "Ich Liebe Dich")

Love me always, as I shall always love you.

Terrick    XXX

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