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22nd August 1935 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

22nd August 1935

My Darling Mary Pleasant,

Here is a traveller's cheque for 20 Rm plus 2.50 for the film developing.  I hope it will be enough.

Our rep came back to-day & he says he posted the film in Cologne last Saturday (I think).  I hope you have got it by now.  I have just had one developed at Selfridge & all the exposures look perfect except (inexplicably) the one of Eileen coming out of the house to pick flowers.  I seem fated not to get that one.  This time it is far too dark.  I have just given in another one.

Mr May is arranging for me to be taken over the Gaumont-British Studio at Shepherd's Bush soon.  I'll try & vamp someone while I'm there.

The weather gets hotter & hotter.  I have changed into a cricket shirt & flannel trousers & am sitting at my desk between the two windows both open top and bottom.

By the way, I see from the travellers cheque lying beside this page that they have gone & printed your name as Orminston.   You will have to sign your name properly though or it won't agree with your passport.  If they raise the point tell them it is a mistake and stress the fact that there is no such name as Orminston, or they may think you have bagged some-one else's cheque.

Oh No!  It'll be all right.  I see they have the number of your passport on the cheque.  As long as they haven't made a mistake over that.

Just before dinner I moved your brown jacket that I brought from Germany.  I smelt it to see if it smelt of you, and it did very much.  I thought for a minute that I had my head buried in your comfortable bosom & was lying in the garden at Schwaneberg.

This evening I got a whole lot of photographs from Eileen, from her negs, yours and also enlargements from Bodil's!  I hear she is so frantically busy preparing for the wedding that she can't get into Berlin.

I told you I believe that I had thought of going to the six-hour performance of "Man & Superman". Well I saw it started at 5pm. so that was no good.  Yesterday, it being very hot & I feeling fed up and at a loose end without you, I went up to town at about 8.15 on spec.  I want to see "Tovarich" so I tried there first, but it was standing room only, so I went on to the Cambridge Theatre & saw the ordinary performance of "M&S". It was totally unlike any ordinary play, being chiefly talk by a man who was practically Shaw himself but all the time it was interesting & amusing though it never deceived one into thinking it had ever happened or ever could.  I wished you had been with me because in many ways you were very like the heroine & I rather like the hero - you know, gesticulaty; and the bits on marriage at the end would have made you roar.

Sorry I was rude to your mother, but after chatting so amicably on the phone with Jill, it absolutely took me by surprise when your mother started off.

My ink is running out.

L.M.A., A.I.S.A.L.Y.

We are such great friends besides being lovers, aren't we.

Its your turn really so excuse my not writing more.

All my Love


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