Friday, 21 August 2015

21st August 1935 - Mary to Terrick



- Darling - I'm sorry I have to be so often apologizing for the behaviour of my strange mother. - I feel, if I were a phsyco-analyst (sic) I might find some connection between her outbursts in a common emotion - but I'm not - so the first thing is that she must be treated civilly.

You know as well as I do that she gets to a point where she doesn't think at all about what she's saying because she's carried away by the feeling underneath.

She can't have thought at all lucidly about that sentence in my letter - but it just struck her what a lot I said about you - & what a lot we seemed to have to do with each other - and it rubbed her the wrong way - (at least, I feel this must be it).

- The offending sentence was pure swank on my part.  I love feeling virtuous - and I knew "2 hours" sounded magnificent.  Only I didn't explain how easy it was to look up words - learn verbs and write sentences etc. sitting in a comfortable chair in the garden in the sun! - and I knew that the main reason I enjoyed it so much was because I wanted to show off to you when I got home! - 

Perhaps I was silly say all this to Mummy - I must remember her kink!

- But I really enjoy it - or else (being Mary) I certainly shouldn't do it!

(and can you see me ill!!!!)

- Dear old thing - I'm very sorry about it - it's amazing how little things can blow into balloons!!

- Perhaps you'd better be a bit cross with me for not knowing my own silly mother better!

- Darling - I.L.Y.T.

Mary P.  xxx

P.S. I regret to state my knowledge of German language at present is not worth the price of 3 Air Mail stamps.

P.P.S.  Film hasn't arrived yet.

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