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25th August 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Berlin - Yehlendorf

Saturday evening

Darling - thank you for the letter and money.  I have spent it all already!  I'm the limit - but I hope I shan't need any more, except for registering my luggage - and that I can borrow.  Only 3 more days!! 75 more hours and I shall see you again!  It's wonderful. - And apparently Auntie Maggie & family are coming to lunch - so all the family will be up to meet me at 9.40.  I do wish there wasn't such a long journey all by myself - I shall hate it - But then, of course, I've been so spoilt up till now.  Do you think you could manage to write me a nice letter by Air Mail (which I shall get at 6pm) to cheer me on my way.  This is my last letter to you - isn't it? t seems a pity - because we write such nice letters to each other when we're a long way away.

I haven't been up in an aeroplane yet - because Elaud couldn't take me this morning - but I think I am going tomorrow afternoon.  We went out to tea yesterday with Claud, Jolst, Iruni, and Tony - and Elaud said the three bodies they had to dig out from the Funktum fire looked just like roast chickens - so I've been thinking about them ever since.  The 20 men have not been found yet so all this week there's solemn music on the wireless - no dance music - it seems strange, doesn't it?

The party on Friday evening was a great success, they put me next to Tony, thank goodness, and I had to sit at the head of the table for dinner.  It was very funny - and they drank my health- and later in the evening I showed them the films, which were much appreciated.  I found the bit of blotting-paper keeping the catch back had fallen in - and I couldn't get the teeth to catch properly - so I expect it's cause and effect - only I can't get it out and the teeth worked in the end - so you must see to it when I get back.  We're longing for tomorrow evening when my Aumund film will be ready.  I think the end of it should be alright, although I made such a hash of the beginning.  How is Mr May getting you over the J.B. Studios? - You're jolly lucky.  I had a letter from Jill yesterday & she said she'd met in the Kings Head the Bodker family - & the man the elder daughter had married (Passmore) was making a film at Walton & Jill had been over and watched them shooting part of it.  So you ought to ask her if she couldn't introduce you or something!

Yesterday morning Iruni & Tony took me to Berlin shopping in the new car. It was jolly nice of them - except that I felt a bit of a raspberry - or gooseberry - all the time.  They didn't make me feel like it - I made myself.  I find latterly I have become hyper-sensitive to couples!  They hurt me on the films - and produce such a mixture of feelings inside me in reality that I want to sit down and weep!!

I've finished "Sons & Lovers" - and the latter part was much more up to standard re "passion"!  A bit too much so, I consider - but perhaps it was because he was describing the passion of a male! -

"He watched the movements of her arms and shoulders beneath her flimsy muslin blouse"! "He sunk his mouth on her throat"! - "His pulse beat thickly"! - Have you ever felt your "pulse" beat thickly? - oh - yes, and "Her beauty made his head spin and a wild longing took possession of him" - (in a tram - mind you!).

I think I must go to our book shop and buy another for my return journey.  I'm reading a very nice Thomas Hardy at the moment.

Günter (two dots quite correct - only no "h") & Frau A. took me to Sans Souci & Neues Palais this morning - as Inge has to work most of Sunday. - It was strange seeing it all again - and I went in the Neues Palais this time.  It was very like Sans Souci - the most magnificent walls, ceilings and floors. - But I thought, all the time, how much nicer was Sans Souci with you - than Neues Palais with Günter.  I seem to miss you everywhere I go.

It is quite hot here too - I am amazed it's still hot in London.  I have had another long-long letter from Eileen - which I will show you when I get home.  She says your mother has written to say she thinks you would have done better to spend your holiday at Wensley as you look so thin.  Is that what you had the argument about? - I think I shall have to see that you get some milk all through the winter.  I thought of it last term - but now I shall definitely arrange it!! (Please excuse possessive tone - I'll alter it when I get back!).

Eileen says they all miss us goth tremendously - which is nice.

I had a letter from Mummy too - re subject - quite a  nice one.  She says she was in quite a good mood for once when she spoke to you about me - and was surprised you took it so seriously - But I know how she puts things - not meaning to sometimes.  I think it must have been mostly a misunderstanding.  It's on these occasions that I loathe Jack most - he always puts his spoke in & makes me boil.  However Mummy is getting very excited about our holiday together and has quite the false idea that you were snappy through "love" - so we'd better let sleeping dogs lie, and all will be well.

I regret to inform you that "Dick" fell off the table by my bed yesterday and has lost an ear - but as "Dof" is minus an antler, they're now both as silly as each other.

I have also had an unexpected long letter from Norah - very nice - The wedding apparently is at St Mary's with Mr Bernays (feelings mixed).  There are going to be 6 bridesmaids.  The other five all go from Maida Vale (where they have a new flat) to church in one car.  But I (if you please) accompany Nora & Mr E. in their car!! - I shall most certainly beak down before the ceremony commences!  The business now belongs entirely to Teddy & herself - & she is already in charge of the whole financial side!  It's amazing.

But I think the wedding ought to be quite fun.  I hope she remembers to invite you - so that I can feel all the time that we might be doing the same some day! (If nothing else dies, this will positively cause me to weep copiously into font!)

It's getting very dark and chilly out here in the garden - and I'm afraid - Dear Heart - there's no more news.

I loved the bit in your letter about my brown coat - (but you know I would!).  Perhaps soon - who knows? - you will be really lying your head on my "comfortable bosom" again.  I'm longing so terrifically for Wednesday that Monday & Tuesday will stay for ever.  I'll get as near the front of the train as possible.  You might  'phone my family and arrange to meet therm somewhere - perhaps for supper first.

And then I shall see you on Thursday again for the whole evening - oh, darling.

I love our Berlin - our Cologne - our Aachen - our Ostend - and our Dover (I hate Victoria, for reasons best kept to myself!)

But best of all, darling, I love "Us" - because we're such friends as well as lovers - and better than anything in the world, my Very Dearest Dear, I love you.



Mary Pleasant

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