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20th August 1935 - Terrick to Mary

I can't quite imagine you in the green & brown.

35 Nevern Place
S.W. 5

20th August 1935

My Darling Mary, 

Your letter arrived this evening just before I went out to dinner with aunt Mildred.  It is the nicest I have ever had - several have been lately.

Darling, I didn't know you really hated German, or even that you disliked it much.  Perhaps, being so intent on teaching you it, I projected my own interest in it too much on to you.  Of course don't learn it if you don't want to.  I was thinking particularly of the time when you would be Frau Kühne's in-law & might use German a lot.  Anyhow, you have very much a will of your own & I think I can trust you not to be "put upon" by me; though your mother doesn't seem to.

To smooth things over with Mrs Ormo I have pretended that we were cut off (on the phone) by accident, so don't say I rang off, will you.  I could tell her the truth & say I was sorry but - apart from that not being much truer than what I am saying - I know that directly we started discussing I should get angry again. 

†It is true really because I ought to have been more steady than to let your mother annoy me & also I am sorry to have quarrelled with her in the abstract, even if I can't quite be sorry about the actual moment.

It is boiling hot here.  I am sitting in my room with very little on writing as much as I can so that I can send this off tomorrow.

You do seem to be having a lovely time.  Hearing of all the places you are going makes me absolutely writhe to get away to you.

I haven't been anywhere since I have been back, but I am thinking of trying to get a seat for the six hour version of "Man & Superman".  Do say you can come to "Love on the Dole"!

How lovely about Bodil's letter & Inge's comments!  It isn't just guessing.  It is sometimes quite true that onlookers see most of the game.  Look how we saw far more of the Renny & Joan affair than Renny even could.

I shall put in for your £1 tomorrow & send it as soon as it comes through, probably on Thursday.

"The Embassy" has still got "Edwy".  I will send "The Slug" out again somewhere this week.

Thanks for your warning about the job.  As a matter of fact early yesterday evening looking through the Telegraph advertisements I was thinking I apply for all sorts of jobs that I should hate.  Just out of impatience.

Re Abyssinia (don't think I don't see that you were really pulling my leg) (just in case you don't see) (as you often don't) wasn't it about this time last year that I said we should have war in a year's time.  Now I make another prophecy that you won't find in the papers for a while.  Italy will probably start fighting Abyssinia but rather than let them get control over Lake Tsana, the British will arrange for them to "buy" Mozambique from the Portuguese - and also that Germany will later get Angola, also from Portugal.

So sorry that you and Gunther (no dots over the u - not in Luftpost) have had such a bother about the film.  I hope you have got it straightened out now.  I'll let you have the 2.50pfn with the £1.

I must read "The Man Who Was Thursday" again.  it is about eight or nine years since I read it all through & I didn't understand it, I remember.

I see your Radio show has been burnt down.  I bet they blame the communists!

Thank you for Dick, I shall treasurer him for ever.

Yesterday I went to the Poly Institute to get particulars of their course in Cinematography, but it turns out that one has to be in the trade & recommended by the Cinematograph Association before one can take it.  I was going along that way again to-day when who should I run into but Marie Reyneau (or whatever the name is).  She and another girl were looking for the American Consulate.  She asked after you & invited us both up.

I wish I had a lot of interesting experiences and events to relate to you in return for all you tell me.  Did I tell you that South Africa house has nothing to do with appointments to private films only to government jobs of their own & they are always given to residents of South Africa.

Just after I got back to England I went along to the new "Drama League" building at the top of Tottenham Court Rd to take back the Shaw books.  I decided to lunch up there & went into an Indian restaurant.  After a very good but stinging hot meal of mulligatawny soup, egg curry and a queer but delicious sweet, I found I hadn't enough money on me to pay for it.  When the waiter came along with the bill I sent for the manager & explained the circs.  I said I would pay next day & in the meantime would leave something as security.  The manager, an Indian (all the staff were Indians) wouldn't hear of it.  He wouldn't even accept what money I had on me, saying that I might need it.  As the only thing I had to leave was my gold watch which was out of all proportion to the debt I did not press him.  next day I went back & paid him and had another lunch there.  He came & talked to me & showed himself a most cultured & interesting man.  I shall certainly always lunch there whenever I go to change my books.

Jill is in the throes of getting a passport.  I sent her the form this evening.  She sounds very excited about the journey.

I must stop now, darling, and go to bed.  I don't dream of you because you are not only in my subconscious mind, but well and truly in my conscious one too.  I expect our having to wait to get married is really rather good for us.  We are slowly, like a bridge, building closer to each other from different sides of a river, and when we are married we shall really meet in the middle.  Oh dear, for the present it will be enough for me when we meet on Victoria Station - tomorrow week!  What a pity there will be so many of us there.  I wish I could get down to Dover but I can't.

All my swelling heart of love.


Terrick   XXX

Kindest regards to the Aumund Family

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