Monday, 3 February 2014

3rd February 1934 - Mary to Terrick

Revered Sir

I realize my brooch is still in your pocket, and, in effect, will let you know every time I want it.

I shall be unable to get off rehearsal on Wed 14th owing to the proximity of the actual performance on that date.  

However, let it not be thought that I am oblivious to the great honour you intended to bestow up on me. I am deeply grateful - but the knowledge therefore that the expenditure thus saved will would enable us to spent two three evenings like last Thursday, cheers me considerably.  (Unless, of course you are attending the Ball anyway).

 - I also regret Tuesday 13th, but as we have also arranged a Shrove party here that day - personal disappointment is avoided.
I prefer to exhibit my unimpeachable facial beauty in person - perhaps from a feeling that no artist can do justice to it.

My condition has so far improved on the receiving of your letter that I feel the "powders" to be unnecessary as yet - but I will immediately notify you of any relapse.

Your subtle discovery about Peter Standish is highly commendable - it hadn't struck me either.

- I feel that the time while the Staff Manager is at lunch might be more profitably employed - from the point of view of "progress" - but doubtless a day of casement cloth and cretonne needs a little light alleviation.

In case I am not favoured with your company before the wedding, allow me to wish you unqualified success in all arrangements - and Eileen every happiness.

Yours respectively

Mary P Ormiston

P.S. have "Hearse" and "Rehearsal" any connection?

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