Thursday, 27 February 2014

27 February 1934 - Mary to Terrick



Tuesday. 11.15

- I found you last newsy letter somewhat of a whited sepulchre!  But I suppose you're very pressed for time this week.

After due deliberation I think I can manage Thursday - it'll mean skipping French for two weeks running - but I feel I ought to return the compliment.  I catch a tube train from Charing X, do I? to Mornington Crescent - and will wait in the hall for you afterwards.  I hope it won't be over too late, will it?  Because I'm going to see A. Pears tonight - and that'll mean two late nights this week.

Nors came over to tea yesterday - and asked if I didn't find you a bit "dull"? - Because, apparently, you never say anthing interesting to her! - I truthfully replied that I had discovered you to be many things - but never "dull"!

I shall always remember last Saturday and how we became commercial!

Love,    Mary   xxx

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