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15th February 1934 - Terrick to Mary

"The Devonshire" Pub.

Lunch Time

15th February 1934


Last night I went to dinner with my father & mother at the Tasc.  We took two hours and a quarter over it and I suppose it was jolly good.  We did not go to a cinema as neither of them was keen, but we went to Mummy's club and sat and talked about the wedding.  Just the evening my f. likes best!

Did you see the photograph in the "Daily Sketch" of the couple and the account of the wedding in the "Morning Post"?  There will be fuller accounts in the Northern Papers which I will show you when I get them.

What time can I see you this Sunday?  If you are free I shan't go and see Joan and Rosemary.

My mother said you look a nice girl and a jolly girl.  I believe she said very nice and very jolly.  She said you had a high colour.  I told her that was merely shyness that gave you that.


Later                                           Office

I have just taken my watch back to Benson's for overhaul.

I have refused Aunt Katherine's invitation for the 23rd, but the reason why I can't go to that is also valid for not going to "Dangerous Corner" that evening.  I have a rehearsal.  I shall have to make it the 24th and go to Shepperton by train.

In the bus going to Benson's I have been reading up on the subject of Make-up.  I shall have to buy some soon and practise every night making myself up.

Spending Tuesday evening with you made the day perfect.  I enjoyed the wedding so much that anything else would have been bound to be anticlimax. 

I expect you only got my Valentine about midday.  I tried two boxes but the last collection had been made at both of them.

You are the dearest of the dear.

Write soon.

All my Love

Terrick  xxx

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