Friday, 28 February 2014

28 February 1934 - Mary to Terrick


Wednesday 10.45

I have just received a message that a gentleman with a "Z" in his name 'phoned last night to ask me to return my Albert Hall Ticket so enclose it herewith.  I hope that's O.K.  I suppose you didn't get my yesterday's letter until late last night.  How did the rehearsal go?  After the most lovely English lecture I didn't feel like going to Andrew Pears' a bit.  But it was quite nice when I got there - we ate ham sandwiches and talked about me, I'm afraid.  I got back at 10.45.

Masses more Poly. Literature arrived with the post this morning - I should simply love to go to Lucerne - but it'll depend on Norah - and I also can't get rid of the feeling that a Poly. holiday would definitely lack something if we weren't provided with the right "Polytechnic Representative in Residence"! - And I've decided on going for 2 weeks this year - because you're just getting into everything at the end of the first!

- Why I'm expending energy on two nice newsy letters straight after each other, I can't imagine.  So as not to waste a stamp perhaps.

- Shall see you on Thursday, then, shan't I? - Best of luck -

With lots of love to my Poly. rep.


Mary  xxx

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